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Welcome to iMediaEthics Resources for Educators page.

See below a collection of news outlets, press councils, and organizations' ethics codes.  Please let us know of any other codes we should include on this list.
Al Jazeera's Code of Ethics
American Society of Magazine Editors Guidelines
Associated Press's News Values and Principles
Australian Press Council Statement of Principles (Australia)
BBC's Editorial Guidelines (UK)
BusinessWeek's Code of Journalistic Ethics
Canadian Association of Journalists' Ethics Code
CBC's Conflict of Interest and Ethics (Canada)
Chicago Tribune Editorial Ethics Policy (US)
Code of Ethics for Press, Radio and Television in Sweden
Code of Ethics of the Haitian Press
Code of Professional Ethics for Journalists (Moldova)
Corporation for Public Broadcasting Ethics Guide
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Code of Ethics
CyberJournalist's Blogger Code of Ethics
Cyprus Journalists' Code of Practice
Daily News & Analysis (DNA) India's Code of Ethics
Detroit Free Press Ethics Policy
Essential Public Media Code of Ethics
Fiji Media Council Code of Ethics
Financial Times' Code of Practice
Gannett Ethics Policy
Getty Images Editorial Policy
Hong Kong Journalists Association Code of Ethics
Indonesia's Press Council's Code of Ethics
International Federation of Journalists' Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists
Journalist's Code of Ethics (Philippines)
Kansas City Star Ethics Code
Los Angeles Times' Ethics Guidelines (US)
Malawi Media Code of Ethics
McClatchy's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (US)
National Press Photographers Association
National Union of Journalists Code of Conduct (UK)
National Union of Journalists Peninsular Malaysia Ethics Code (Malaysia)
Nepal Code of Journalistic Ethics
New York Times Policy on Ethics in Journalism (US)
News Corp's Standards of Business Conduct
Nigerian Press Council's Code of Conduct
NPR's Code of Ethics
Order of Journalists' Ethics Code (Italy)
Photojournalism Ethics Codes
Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice (UK)
Press Council of Ireland's Code of Practice
Radio Television Digital News Association Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
RTE Journalism Guidelines
Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics (US)
Sydney Morning Herald Code of Ethics
Syndicat Nationales de Journalists (France) Code of Ethics
The Age's Code of Conduct (Australia)
The Guardian's Editorial Code (UK)
The Hindu's Code of Editorial Values (India)
The Irrawaddy Journalism Guidelines for Staff Writers (Burma)
Thomson Reuters Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Toronto Star Digital Accuracy and Corrections
Toronto Star's Statement of Principles (Canada)
UNESCO's Professional Journalism Standards & Code of Ethics
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Checkout iMediaEthics Resources for Educators, a helpful section for colleges, institutions, students and teachers.
Ethics Codes Case Studies Sites We Like
Ethics Codes Case Studies Sites We Like