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iMediaEthics set off a whirlwind of debunking with its investigation of suspicious photographs and lazy reporting regarding the so-called monster pig of Alabama. Now Rhonda Roland Shearer talks with Kerry Dart, New York farmer and owner of the world’s largest pig, Big Norm. Excerpt from their conversation are below.

SHEARER: Had you heard about this case? Have people been calling you?

DART: No, nobody’s been calling me, but lots of people that know me and know that I own Big Norm said something about it.

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DART: It’s so obvious that that’s a bogus picture. It doesn’t make any difference how much you feed something. The genetics have already predetermined how big something can get or some hormonal influence. But it wouldn’t make any difference how well you fed it. If it’s the genetics that allowed it to get big, it’s not going to get big.

SHEARER: I see. So what do you make of it? It’s a big pig obviously but . . .

DART: Yeah, it’s big and it’s a freak of nature like my pig is a freak of nature, but it’s another bogus thing like Hogzilla.

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BIG PIG SMACK DOWN: Big Norm’s Owner Weighs in

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