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Readers complained about the LATimes's Kardashian/Sears advertisement wraparound. (Credit: Rob Kardashian's Twitter, via LATimes readers rep)

Los Angeles Times readers have again complained about the newspaper’s “wraparound” advertisements, LATimes readers representative Deirdre Edgar wrote Sept. 15, this time a Kardashian advertisement.

As Edgar explained, the Sept. 15 issue of the newspaper featured a “four-page wraparound promotion for Sears” featuring the Kardashian sisters.

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According to “a sampling of the reader calls and emails” posted by Edgar, readers found the advertisement both confusing and “tacky.”  Readers complained that the wraparound was misleading because they thought the story was “front page NEWS” and not “just an ad.”


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LAT Readers Complain over Kardashian Advertisement on Front Page

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