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Jan 21, 2017 NEWSLETTER

Optional Landing

CNN, San Francisco Chronicle remind staff: Don’t participate in Women’s March on Washington, political events

Journalists are, of course, allowed to have political opinions. However, they were reminded this week that they are required to put them aside when doing their jobs. To wit, CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle both told their reporters not to participate in the Women’s March on Washington today. The Chronicle went so far as […]

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University of Toronto’s College Newspaper Appoints Public Editor

While news outlets like the Washington Post and Kansas City Star have lost their ombudsmen in recent years, a Canadian college newspaper, The Varsity from the University of Toronto, just appointed its first public editor, Sophie Borwein. Alex McKeen, the paper’s editor, told iMediaEthics by e-mail The Varsity had been thinking about appointing a public editor for about […]

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No More Ombudsman at Kansas City Star, Derek Donovan switching to editorial side

After more than a decade as the Kansas City Star ombudsman, Derek Donovan is leaving that role to work on the editorial side of the newspaper. The Kansas City Star will not replace him, which effectively ends the ombudsman position. Donovan told iMediaEthics his new title is still being determined. During his long-running time as […]

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Accused of Plagiarism, Irish Site Sued for Copyright Infringement by 2 News Outlets

The Irish Independent and court news service CCC Nuacht are suing for copyright infringement, claiming that the three-year-old website has been plagiarizing their content, Irish news site The Journal reported. “I can confirm that a court case is pending,” CCC Nuacht’s editor Conor Gallagher told iMediaEthics by e-mail. Gallagher said that the news wire […]

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Monica Crowley not going to White House, doesn’t comment on plagiarism accusations

After more than a week of silence in the face of numerous plagiarism accusations, Monica Crowley spoke out Monday — not to address the allegations of plagiarism in her book, her PhD or her Washington Times columns, but to say that she wouldn’t take a job in the White House under Donald Trump. Trump announced her appointment […]

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The privacy of a woman named Evie Amati, who was accused in a recent violent attack at a 7-Eleven store in Sydney, Australia, was violated and exploited by and Daily Mail. Instead of focusing on the alleged crime, the two outlets published stories that focused on Amati’s life several years ago before her transgender transition. The […]

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Why did C-Span broadcast 10 Minutes of Russian Govt-Funded RT in sudden signal switch?

Viewers watching C-Span on its website got a sudden surprise when their TV monitors switched from the House of Representatives feed to Russian government-funded RT television. Was this Russian hacking? The Russian interruption certainly was suspect given that C-Span is the one channel that airs official U.S. government information through events like live broadcast of […]

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