Denver Post's Woody Paige Admits 'Lifting Quotes'

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John Ourand called out Woody Paige via Twitter for lifting quotes. (Credit: Twitter

The Denver Post’s Woody Paige apologized for “lifting quotes without attribution” in an article on ESPN, Regret the Error reported. Paige reportedly took three quotes from SportsBusiness Journal’s John Ourand’s article, Westword reported.

Ourand tweeted Paige criticizing him for not attributing the quotes.  Sports by Brooks reported that in 2009, Paige was accused by ESPN of plagiarizing “an entire column.”

An update to Paige’s story for the Post now notes that attribution has been added to the story.  Regret the Error reported that the Post would be publishing a correction in its print edition.

Also noteworthy is that the Denver Post has been suing other bloggers and other web users through copyright-enforcement group Righthaven since December.  StinkyJournalism would think that the Post (and fellow Righthaven-client the Las Vegas Review-Journal) would be extra careful to attribute any information provided from another news outlet, given its controversial and high-profile attempts to keep anyone from infringing its work.

CLARIFICATION - June 12, 2011 05:20 PM

Clarified headline to reflect that the Denver Post’s Woody Paige admitted to “lifting quotes.” Thanks to Isaac Cubillos for pointing it out.

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Denver Post’s Woody Paige Admits ‘Lifting Quotes’

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