Newsweek, June 11, 2007

'08's Other TV Star
Holly Bailey
174 words

Fred Thompson isn't the only 2008 hopeful with a Hollywood résumé. If broadcasters are asked to enforce election laws requiring equal time for candidates, they'll have to consider John McCain's cameos in "The Wedding Crashers" and "24" and Chris Dodd's bit part in "Dave." But after Thompson, Rudy Giuliani is the biggest star. He has more than a dozen TV and film credits, including a 2000 cameo on "Law & Order," where Thompson has been a regular since 2003. Giuliani had bit parts in the films "Eddie," "The Out-of-Towners," and the 2005 Adam Sandler flick "Anger Management," which also featured a cameo by his wife, Judi Nathan. He has appeared on "Saturday Night Live" four times, including a 1997 hosting gig. Rudy earned a place in pop-culture history with his cameo in a 1993 episode of "Seinfeld," in which the then mayoral candidate vowed to investigate whether N.Y.C.'s nonfat yogurt was actually fattening."[I] will do anything possible to cleanse this city of falsified nonfat yogurt," he declared. Now that's leadership.

-Holly Bailey

GRAPHIC: Role: In 'The Out-of-Towners'