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iMediaEthics publishes international media ethics news stories and investigations into journalism ethics lapses.


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ASRL’s non-partisan journalism ethics program, iMediaEthics (also known as StinkyJournalism), promotes the media’s use of scientific methods and experts before publication. Our journalists, student interns and contributors publish media ethics news and investigative reports based on in-depth research.

Methods are objective, not people. From brief reports to continuing investigations, we hold the media accountable by examining concrete, measurable errors of fact and ethical breaches encountered in the press.

iMediaethics’ mission is unique and differs from other journalism sites in its focus on the knowable, the testable, the verifiable—in short, the facts. We have no agenda beyond advocating for factual, ethical reporting.

The intent of our case studies is to improve journalistic fact-finding and fact-checking methods and practice. Practical tools and discussions target the skills needed by both readers and writers for testing and discerning facts from lesser parcels of information.

Education is also a key mission. Through our “Resources for Educators” section, iMediaEthics neatly categorizes our stories by journalist, publication and subject. This system allows for easy access to stories on a given subject or those published by a specific journalist or newspaper.