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Rhonda Roland Shearer

Publisher & Editor-in-chief
Email: rhonda.r.shearer@gmail.com

Rhonda Roland Shearer is director of Art Science Research Laboratory (ASRL), www.asrlab.org, a not-for-profit she co-founded with her late husband, Harvard professor and scientist Stephen Jay Gould, that promotes media ethics and encourages the use of science experts and methods in reporting.  Shearer, also an artist with solo museum exhibitions and an expertise in the work of Marcel Duchamp, embarked on an award-winning career in investigative reporting after working with police, firefighters and construction workers who complained that they were falsely accused by a journalist of “widespread looting” on 9/11 “even before the towers fell.” Her investigations have since been recognized by the Federal Trade Commission, states attorney generals and local police departments.  Shearer founded iMediaEthics (rebranded from StinkyJournalism.org in 2011), a news media ethics site, in 2004.


Rhonda Roland Shearer accepting the 2012 Mirror Award for “Best Single Article Digital Media.”


Bio Snapshots:

  • Rhonda Roland Shearer is an American sculptor, scholar and award-winning journalist who has pioneered the development of both digital publishing and interdisciplinary scholarship.
  • Developer, Co-Principal Investigator for NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine since 2005 (Astrobio.net);
  • Shearer, with co-author, Malik Ayub Sumbal, was awarded the Mirror Award for  “Best Single Article, Digital Media, “Troubling Double Standard, American photojournalism’s different treatment of foreign victims
  • Director of the Art Science Research Laboratory, New York City (co-founded with the late Stephen Jay Gould) since 1996
  • Publisher, Editor-in-Chief of media ethics online news journal, iMediaEthics.org since 2004
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Future University in Egypt, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Department of Political Mass Media, Fall 2015-present
  • Shearer’s interdisciplinary research has resulted in more than 200 articles, reports, and lectures at leading universities on the historical importance of new geometries in the history of art and science, interdisciplinary studies and on news media ethics.
  • Shearer between 1986-1994, held numerous solo exhibitions at museums and at the Wildenstein Gallery in New York and London.
  • Shearer was a founding member of the Board of Trustees of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt. In 2009, she became a member of its Advisory Board.
  • An Associate of Harvard University’s Department of Psychology (1998–2000)
  • Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa; 2010-2013
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