BRIEFS: CBS-Money Watch Commentary on Wall Street Protests Sexist

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iMediaEthics is shocked and disappointed to see the sexist and cavalier commentary by CBS MoneyWatch‘s Alain Sherter published on’s website.

The story reads:

“Confronted by two topless young women taking part in the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York today, several police officers responded by whipping out their own tools of the trade — nightsticks…Put another way, boobs were met with batons.”

“Tools of the trade?” First of all, this comparison suggests that the two women are prostitutes.  Further, this article exhibits immaturity and is too cute by half. And the use of the expression “whipping out” sounds like something you’d hear on the set of a porn film, certainly far far beneath the dignity of the once great news network of CBS.

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CBS-Money Watch Commentary on Wall Street Protests Sexist

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