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1.Where do you keep your opals? A recent New York Times correction:

“An article last weekend about Victoire de Castellane’s opal collection misstated how she stores her opals. She keeps them in a box with a glass of water, not in a glass of water.”

2. Evil deeds, evil things: a New York Times Trump misquote:

“An article on Tuesday about President Trump’s response to the end of the Mueller investigation misstated a remark the president made about his critics. He said that some were guilty of “evil things,” not “evil deeds.” The error was repeated in the headline.”

3. No, 93% of 11- to 16-year-olds studied hadn’t seen pornography by age 14. A March 12 Guardian correction:

“A feature referred to a Middlesex University study of children aged 11 to 16, and said that it found 93% had seen pornography online by the time they were 14. In fact, the study found that less than half the overall group (48%) had seen such material; it was among those 48% that most (94%, not 93%) had seen it by age 14 (Is porn making young men impotent?, 11 March, page 4, G2).”

4. The year 2400 or 2040?

The New York Times‘ March 23 correction:

“An article on Page 19 about the exhibition “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival” in Milan misstates the end year of the data represented in “Room of Change.” It is 2400, not 2040.”

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Corrections: Opals, evil deeds, pornography

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