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1.But, Emily Blunt is British….

Bustle wrote an article about the new Mary Poppins movie, “Mary Poppins Returns,” in late December. The article noted that it might be hard because the actress playing Poppins, Emily Blunt is American. But, um…she was born in England.

The original article read, “You may have been skeptical when it was announced that Blunt, an American actress, would be playing the ultra English Poppins. However, Blunt’s accent is deliciously, and knowingly hammy.”

Blunt was born in England but became an American citizen in 2015.

The Bustle correction reads:

A previous version of this article mischaracterised Emily Blunt’s nationality. She is British-American.”

2. This is awkward…

The UK Mirror published a story about actress and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Roxanne Pallett’s former fiance Lee Walton being seen with a “mystery blonde.”

But that mystery blonde is her Walton’s daughter. The Mirror deleted its story and apologizing, writing:

Our article ‘Roxanne Pallett’s ex-fiance Lee Walton spotted with mystery blonde after split’ pictured Lee Walton with a blonde woman.

We would like to clarify that this woman is Mr Walton’s daughter and we would like to apologise to Mr Walton and his daughter for this error.

3. Wrong brisket.

The New York Times’ Jan 29 correction:

Because of an editing error, a brief report in the Front Burner column last Wednesday about brisket cooked by Truth BBQ in Brenham, Tex., ran with a picture of meat that was not from the company.

4. Possum, opossum, what’s the difference?

The Washington Post corrected an article that said a possum was seen outside the Washington Post’s own office. But, the marsupial is actually called an opossum, not a possum.

The update reads: “This article was updated to reflect that it was an opossum, not a possum.”

Hat Tip: Lizzie O’Leary

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Corrections: Emily Blunt is British, Mystery Blonde is Man’s Daughter

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