Fox News Sort of Corrects Elizabeth Warren Plagiarism Report

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(Credit: Fox News via Media Matters, screenshot)

As we wrote May 19, National Review corrected, unpublished and apologized for a report that wrongly accused Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of plagiarizing in her book All Your Worth.  Salon had looked into the National Review story and determined that National Review had it backwards – Warren was apparently the victim of plagiarism, not the plagiarizer.

Fox News, which had reported on the National Review report, told readers that the story was wrong, although it didn’t quite call it a correction.  Fox News’ Bret Baier said that Fox News “told you about a National Review story” and that the story was wrong, Media Matters reported.

Baier noted that National Review’s writer “has since apologized, saying she confused the publications dates, and so Warren was actually the victim of plagiarism and not the other way around.”

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Fox News Sort of Corrects Elizabeth Warren Plagiarism Report

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