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(Credit: GigaOm, screenshot)

In a Sept. 7 post, Giga Om’s Mathew Ingram criticized suggestions of “licensing journalists” to help rein in journalism. (See iMediaEthics’ story here about Quebec culture minister Christine St-Pierre’s calls to license journalists.)  GigaOm describes itself as “the leading provider of online media, events and research for global technology innovators.”

In response to the age-old question of bloggers versus journalists, Ingram concluded that the main difference between bloggers and journalists is “perhaps the publishing platform they use, or the name on the masthead of the entity they work for.”

Ingram argued against government regulation of journalists and used the defense of potential censorship: if we allow definitions of journalist and non-journalist, then the possibility arises of information only being provided to certain people and the government gains control of the media. Read Ingram’s post here.


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Giga Om’s Mathew Ingram: Licensing Journalists a Bad Idea

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