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The New York Times demoted editor Jonathan Weisman after problematic tweets including his tweeted private message to author Roxane Gay, who also contributes to the Times, calling for Gay to apologize to him.

Weisman also recently criticized the political action committee called The Justice Democrats, saying it was “seeking to unseat an African-American Democrat,” without noting the person the group supported is black. He also tweeted in July about Congress members origins. He wrote, the Root reported:

“Saying @RashibaTlaib (D-Detroit) and @IlhanMN (D-Minneapolis) are from the MIdwest is like saying @RepLloydDoggett (D-Austin) is from Texas or @repjohnlewis (D-Atlanta) is from the Deep South. C’mon.”

After Gay tweeted last week screenshots of the private messages from Weisman wanting an “enormous apology,” the Times said in a statement, according to Politico, “Jonathan has repeatedly displayed poor judgment on social media and in responding to criticism. We’re closely examining what to do about it.”

This week, the Times demoted Weisman, telling CNN:

“Jonathan Weisman met with [Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet] today and apologized for his recent serious lapses in judgment. As a consequence of his actions, he has been demoted and will no longer be overseeing the team that covers Congress or be active on social media. We don’t typically discuss personnel matters but we’re doing so in this instance with Jonathan’s knowledge.”

iMediaEthics has written to the Times.

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NYT demotes Jonathan Weisman over social media posts

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