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The Associated Press stylebook has an updated entry on race, calling for journalists to just say racist if something is racist, instead of racially charged. Don’t “use ‘racially charged’ or similar terms as euphemisms for ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ when the latter terms are applicable,” the AP says.

The AP also says, according to Poynter:

The terms racism and racist can be used in broad references or in quotations to describe the hatred of a race, or assertion of the superiority of one race over others.

The new AP guidelines, posted on the AP Stylebook Online and in the next print edition of the stylebook, advise against using “black” and “white” as nouns and against using “Indian” to refer to American Indians or Native Americans according to the AP’s blog post.

iMediaEthics has written to the AP for more information about the guidance.

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Say racist, not racially charged: New AP style guidance

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