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Al Jazeera has suspended two journalists for publishing a video saying the Holocaust was “different from how the Jews tell it.”

Al Jazeera has unpublished the video in question and issued a May 19 statement saying the video and social media posts were deleted because they “contravened the Network’s editorial standards.” Al Jazeera noted that its executive director of digital division Dr. Yaser Bishr said there would be “mandatory bias training and awareness program.” iMediaEthics has written to Al Jazeera to ask who the employees are, how long the video was published and for more information.

According to Haaretz, the video was posted on AJ+ Arabic’s social media and ran seven minutes long. In a caption, AJ_+ wrote, “The gas chambers killed millions of Jews…So the story says. How true is the #Holocaust and how did the Zionists benefit from it.” The video’s host Muna Hawwa also said, according to Haaretz:

“The Jews weren’t the only targets of the Nazis, but also Gypsies [Roma], the disabled, homosexuals, and Arabs and Christians, too. In all, the Nazis killed 20 million people during the Holocaust and the Final Solution, and the Jews were just a part of that. Then why does the world focus so much on Jews?”

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Al Jazeera Suspends 2 for Holocaust Video saying it was ‘different from how the Jews tell it’

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