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1.Is he Irish or British?

The Guardian listed Andrew Scott as a British actor who was nominated for the Golden Globe awards. But, Scott is Irish.

The Dec. 10 correction:

“• We named the Irish actor Andrew Scott in a list of “British talent” nominated for Golden Globe awards (Netflix wins as Marriage Story vies with The Irishman for Globes, 10 December, page 3).”

2. Irish libel law

In light of Tony Robbins’ libel lawsuit aganst BuzzFeed in Ireland, the FInancial Times published a correction about the libel law in Ireland.

The Dec. 8 correction:

“Irish libel law includes a type of statutory public interest defence. An article on December 5 incorrectly stated it does not.”

3. NPR claimed there wer 2.1 million troops abroad but it’s really less than 200,000.

The NPR correction, published Dec. 3:

“In a previous version of this story, we referred to American troop levels in Europe and said the Pentagon had reported 2,174,259 troops abroad. That number, however, includes service members based in the U.S. The current number of troops abroad is around 195,000.”

4. The Associated Press reported a Roomba “sucked up” a dog’s tail.

But, the Roomba didn’t do it! It was another brand of vacuum cleaner, prompting the AP to correct the record.

The AP correction:

“BALLWIN, Mo. (AP) — In a story Nov. 25 about Missouri police freeing a dog’s tail from a vacuum cleaner, The Associated Press, relying on information from the Ballwin Police Department, erroneously reported that the vacuum was a Roomba. It was another brand of automated vacuum cleaner.”

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Corrections: The Roomba didn’t do it! Irish Libel Law, Irish or British, How many Troops Abroad?

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