Australian Updated its Corrections Policy End of Last Year

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(Credit: the Australian, screenshot)

The Australian is now running corrections in a “new standard design” that features the Australian “Press Council logo and contact details,” according to an adjudication on the Press Council’s website.

The adjudication, from March, was about Commonwealth Solicitor-General, Stephen Gageler SC’s complaint that an Australian correction wasn’t published in “sufficient prominence.”

The council’s “requirement” for corrections call for news outlets to make sure corrections result in “the effect, as far as possible, of neutralising any damage arising from the original publication and…. Is likely to be seen by those who saw” the error.

The Australian’s deputy editor Michelle Gunn told iMediaEthics by e-mail that the newspaper changed the corrections practice “in the final months of 2011.”  The newspaper’s Page 2 will feature the Australian Press Council’s “logo, contact details for the press council and a statement that The Australian is bound by the APC’s standards of practice.”

In general, the newspaper’s “practice is to publish a correction or clarification on page 2 of the newspaper next to the APC logo. In the digital world, wherever possible, corrections are made to the live copy,” according to Gunn.

We have written back to Gunn asking what prompted this update to the Australian’s corrections practice and will update with any response.

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Australian Updated its Corrections Policy End of Last Year

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