Calling Out The Washington Post : WaPo Writer Claims to Stay Out of Tabloid Gossip, Thereby Joining In

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CNN describes Howard Kurtz as the "media reporter for The Washington Post and writes a regular column called Media Notes."

We do not wish to continue beating the Tiger Woods drum. The tabloids and even some mainstream media have done enough of that in the past two weeks. But we do wish to point out a great post from’s Christopher Shea.

Shea calls out Washington Post staff writer Howard Kurtz for his lack of self-awareness.

“The Washington Post’s media reporter passes along the latest gossip about the Tiger Woods incident–then boasts that his paper did not stoop to reporting the gossip about the Tiger Woods incident!” Shea writes. “Well, that’s certainly one way to resolve an awkward low-level media-ethics issue.”

After giving a complete breakdown of the Tiger Woods scandal, Kurtz has the audacity to claim he didn’t report on it at all. In order to claim you are not part of something, you need to actually not report on it at all. As imediaethics reported earlier, other mainstream media have avoided joining in the circus but have reported on the circus itself, running stories about the overload of coverage without giving the details of the story. Kurtz could have followed their lead.

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Calling Out The Washington Post for Tiger Woods Coverage

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