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Charlie Rose, the fired CBS News anchor, admitted he engaged in “inappropriate behavior” when working at CBS.

His comments were made in a deposition related to a sexual harassment lawsuit against him, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

CBS News fired Rose and PBS dropped Rose’s program Charlie Rose in November 2017 amidst sexual misconduct allegations against him. In response, Rose said at the time he “behaved insensitively” but “always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings.” He admitted then his “inappropriate behavior” but said he thought some of the claims weren’t accurate.

Now, in 2020, Rose said in his deposition, “I’m saying inappropriate because the fact I had relationships with people in the workplace over those 45 years and, you know, we have now come to understand and appreciate and had by then that romantic relationships or intimacies were not appropriate in the workplace because, you know, because there was power and balance, and you were in some cases the boss and you had a relationship that was defined within the workplace.”

The Hollywood Reporter uploaded the deposition, which is “Exhibit 3” and notes that a few pages are marked “attorneys’ eyes only.”

iMediaEthics has written to Charlie Rose’s attorney.

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Charlie Rose admits ‘inappropriate behavior’

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