Chinese investigation of shots of tiger in the wild ---not consequences for "con job"

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New China Daily report confirmed Stinky Journalism's February 21,2008

China Daily’s Ma Lie and Luo Hongyan write:

“The 13 officials penalized for the scandal include: Zhang Shenian, provincial forestry department head – he was reprimanded; Zhu Julong and Sun Chengqian, provincial forestry department deputy heads – both were sacked; Guan Ke, provincial media official – sacked; Wang Wanyun, a provincial official in charge of wildlife preservation – sacked; Li Qian, official with the wildlife preservation in Zhenping county – sacked. Seven others, including Zhenping county magistrate and deputy magistrate, have either been reprimanded, given demerit points or sacked…Police have found the exact spot where Zhou took the photos.” » more from LA Times

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Chinese investigation of shots of tiger in the wild —not real…now consequences for "con job"

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