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The Epoch Times, an English language news site, apologized earlier this year for a news article it published by another news outlet, the Australian Associated Press.

In its Oct. 30 apology, the Epoch Times claimed the article had “factually incorrect and false allegations” about Jiefang Huang, Huang Xiangmo’s wife.

The Epoch Times was founded in 2000 in the U.S. as a Chinese-language newspaper, and now has both Chinese and English editions.

But, does the Australian Associated Press agree with the Epoch Times apology? iMediaEthics asked the Australian Associated Press if it stands by its story or if it has been threatened with legal action. We’ve also written to the Epoch Times to ask if it was threatened with legal action, what the false statements were, and if it consulted with the Australian Associated Press before apologizing.

The Oct. 30 Epoch Times statement reads:

“On 18 September 2019, The Epoch Times published an Australian Associated Press article about Mrs Jiefang Huang, the wife of Huang Xiangmo.

“The Epoch Times accepts that the article contained factually incorrect and false allegations about Mrs Huang.

“The Epoch Times sincerely apologises to Mrs Huang and her family and regrets any hurt, embarrassment or distress caused to her.”

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Epoch Times apologizes for another news outlet’s article?

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