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Fox News incorrectly used a photo of Sen. Kamala Harris in a news report on a student's death. (Credit: Fox News/screenshot)

Fox News’ Fox & Friends, reporting on the shooting death of University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey. broadcast footage of  Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Cal) instead of the murder suspect’s mugshot.

According to Mediaite, Fox & Friends first showed the report with Harris’s picture, then later re-aired the report with the correct mugshot and an apology. The correction was broadcast “about 45 minutes later,” according to the HuffPost.

When iMediaEthics contacted Fox News, a spokesperson for the cable news network pointed us to the correction. iMediaEthics has written to Harris’s office to see if it is satisfied with the apology.

The apology read:

“Now, in an earlier version of this story we showed you the wrong video. We showed you pictures of Senator Kamala Harris instead of [Melvin] Rowland’s mugshot. We apologize for that error.”

Hat Tip: Steve Bien-Aime

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Fox & Friends uses Sen. Kamala Harris pic instead of suspect’s mugshot

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