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1.Wrong photo:

A March 24 UK Sun correction:

“An article on Saturday, Stressball Cop ‘Breached Data’ incorrectly pictured the NCA’s Deputy Director Matt Horne as an officer being probed for gross misconduct.

“The case in fact involves a different officer of the same name at the Met Police, and Deputy Director Horne has no connection to this probe. We apologise for the error.”

2. A March 24 correction from the New York Times:

“An article on Saturday about the political uproar that followed the disclosure that Senator Richard M. Burr, a North Carolina Republican, sold most of his holdings before the market tumbled misstated the year in which Mr. Burr called his wife and told her to withdraw as much cash as possible from their bank accounts. It was 2008, not 2009.”

3. What’s the dog’s name?

A March 19 Guardian correction:

“• This article was amended on 19 March 2020 because an earlier version incorrectly referred to “DocTaylor’s pet sheepdog, Einstein”. The name of the character in Back to the Future was Doc Brown.”

4. The BBC grossly overstated the number of homeless deaths in the UK in a year.

The BBC claimed 700,000 died but really the estimate was closer to 726. The BBC March 17 correction:

“In an interview it was claimed that there were 700,000 homeless deaths in the UK last year. In fact the most recent estimate from the Office for National Statistics for 2018 puts the figure at 726.”

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Corrections: Homeless Deaths, Back to the Future Dog

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