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(Credit: Jewish Chronicle, screenshot)

iMediaEthics wrote last month when the lesbian blogger Amina Arraf of “Gay Girl in Damascus” was revealed as a hoax sock-puppet identity for American man Tom MacMaster.  But, MacMaster has been accused of hoaxing again, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

According to the Chronicle, someone named “Miriam Umm Ibni,” commented in an online discussion on website Mondoweiss about MacMaster’s phony identity Amina Arraf and defended MacMaster’s hoax. 

However, according to the Jewish Chronicle, a reader named “Seham” found out that “Miriam” shares the same IP address as MacMaster (and his “Amina Arraf”).

The Guardian confirmed that the IP addresses for MacMaster/Arraf and Miriam match.  MacMaster has admitted that “Miriam” is also a phony identity however he claims he didn’t write the comment.  Instead, MacMaster claims a “”friend of mine who would really like to remain nameless” is “Miriam.”

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Gay Girl in Damascus Hoaxes Again?

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