'Is critical investigative journalism still possible?' Irish university hos

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Will investigative journalism die out?

“Given the radical changes that have occurred in journalism in recent years the panel will examine whether journalism is now largely on the side of the powerful or if a critical investigative journalism is still in fact possible,” Dr Eoin Devereux told the University of Limerick.

Devereux is chairing a media ethics discussion at the university next month.  Irish journalists will debate “Is an Ethical Journalism (Ever) Possible?” at Ireland’s University of Limerick.

The panel discussion will touch on “a wide range of themes including a focus on changes in media ownership and concentration; the over-reliance of journalism on ‘official sources’; the death of investigative critical journalism,” Devereux told iMediaEthics.

The free event is June 6 from 1-3 p.m. It comprises the 90-minute panel discussion and a 30-minute question and answer session, Devereux told iMediaEthics by e-mail.

While it is a “free public event,” attendees must make reservations. To do so, e-mail the university’s Niamh O’Sullian at niamh.osullian@ul.ie.

The university says on its website the event is part of its “contribution” to Ireland’s president’s Initiative on Ethics in Public Life.

The initiative was announced by Ireland’s president Michael Higgins last month. Higgins said he wants the Irish to “collectively pursue a reflection on ethics that might have the result of bringing about a change in public consciousness, and become a catalyst for positive change,” according to Higgins’ presidential website.

Irish journalists participating in the panel discussion are, according to the Sunday World:

  • RTE’s Vincent Browne
  • TV3’s Joe Little
  • Irish Independent’s Colette Browne
  • Irish Times‘ Dr. Tom Clonan
  • the University of Limerick’s Amanda Haynes
  • Journalist and journalism lecturer Emer Connolly

UPDATE: 5/26/2014 11:10 AM EST Added info from Devereux to iMediaEthics

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‘Is critical investigative journalism still possible?’ Irish university hosts Media Ethics Event

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