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(Credit: CNN)

Julia Ioffe claimed on CNN that Pres. Donald Trump “has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.” Ioffe, a journalist whose beat includes national security and foreign policy, has now apologized on air and on Twitter.

Ioffe added, “I clarified and apologized on air, but I’ll say it again here. This has been a very emotional and painful time, but I absolutely should not have gone with such hyperbole on the air. I apologize.”

iMediaEthics contacted CNN to ask if Ioffe was a paid contributor or just a guest; CNN spokesperson Matt Dornic said “Julia doesn’t work for us.” iMediaEthics tweeted Ioffe to ask for further comment.

During Jake Tapper’s show The Lead with Jake Tapper, Ioffe added, “I think I spoke in the heat of the moment. This has been a very emotional and personally painful time for me. I think I exaggerated and I apologize for that. The point I was trying ham-fistedly to make is that it’s not a coincidence that according to the ADL the number of anti-Semitic attacks has jumped by nearly 60% in the first year Donald Trump was in office.” She added she apologized for that “heated rhetoric.”

Two years ago, in 2016, Politico ended its contract with Ioffe after her tweet that “either [Donald] Trump is f***ing his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws.” Ioffe had already planned to leave Politico for The Atlantic so her job only ended early, but she apologized for what she called a “tasteless” and “offensive” “crass joke.”

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On CNN Julia Ioffe said Trump ‘radicalized so many more people than ISIS’

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