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South Africa’s Sunday Times admitted a recent column plagiarized from the Financial Times.

The April 19 Sunday Times column “Global unity can outmanoeuvre this deadly virus,” lifted quotes from the Financial Times column by Yuval Noah Harari, “The World after Coronavirus,” the Times said in an apology.

“In our view, the plagiarism went further than lifting some quotes, and we apologise to our readers, to Harari and to the Financial Times,” the Times said in part. “We will not accept further articles from Seleka, who was a freelance contributor.” Seleka is a former diplomat.

The Times’ Susan Smuts told iMediaEthics, “We were alerted by a colleague post publication” to the plagiarism, but declined to comment further.

Harari’s representatives told iMediaEthics “To the best of my knowledge, we have not heard from the ST directly” but they did see the apology.

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South Africa newspaper plagiarized from Financial Times

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