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Paparazzi photographer Alan Zanger filed a lawsuit against CBS News claiming the network didn’t pay to license photos he took of John Edwards’ mistress Reille Hunter, the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

The Hollywood Reporter explained that in question is CBS’s The Insider and the Early Show, which both reportedly published his photos. Zanger had first sold his photos of Hunter and Edwards’ child to the New York Post and later licensed photos to Inside Edition and US Weekly.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS News issued a statement that didn’t offer much comment on the lawsuit.  The statement reads:

“We haven’t yet seen the lawsuit and can’t comment on its particulars. We have great respect for copyright protection as a general matter, and it is our practice to ensure that our use of copyrighted material is either authorized by the copyright holder or well within the bounds of fair use.”


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Paparazzi Sues CBS News for Reille Hunter Photo Copyright

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