Pit bull molest attacks rape 2 year toddler - Buffalo NYC media outlets report disturbing story 2 two year old pitbull pit bull Bear raping a 2 two year old child child protection agency SPCA analysis.

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Buffalo-area media outlets reported the “bizarre and disturbing” story of a pit bull raping a two-year-old.

iMediaEthics finds two misquoted experts crying foul; the hospital saying the child protection agency is involved; an SPCA Executive Director reveals that mother has “relocated” and gives iMediaEthics advance notice of results of dog’s official behavioral analysis. The voice on Buffalo, New York’s WBEN news radio broadcast promised “bizarre and disturbing” news about “an attack on a small boy by a pit bull.”

That wasn’t the unusual part. Scary stories about pit bull attacks appear in news coverage almost as regularly as weather forecasts.What made this one so strange, though, was the mother’s claim that the dog allegedly anally raped her two-year-old son.The toddler is in guarded condition in Buffalo’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital after undergoing reconstructive surgery.  The dog is locked up in the Niagara County SPCA, and the mother’s demanding that it be euthanized as soon as possible.

In an interview with Detective Larry Eggert of the Lockport Police Department, the WBEN news anchors tried to treat the matter with a sense of propriety. “This is a very delicate question,” the anchorman said. “I’ll try to approach it as sensitively as I can, but did you check with a veterinarian? Are animals ever sexually attracted to human beings?” The detective answered that the department had to search outside New York State to find an animal behaviorist who, apparently, has investigated “five” such cases.

Strangely, the anchors did not reveal what this expert discovered, or ask about the credentials of the person.

Even if all five of those cases turned out to be actual rapes of small children by dogs, and there’s no evidence that is the case, the outlets presented the story without skepticism.

Only one local paper vowed to dig deeper.  The expert evaluation of the dog’s behavior was going to be released on Saturday, June 14 in the The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, but iMediaEthics already discovered the results during a conversation with Niagara County SPCA’s executive director, Albert Chille.

“They can’t believe that it actually occurred,” says Chille.


“This Story Does Not Add Up.”

A WIVB news report claimed that the President of the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society corroborated the story. According to the article, an unnamed expert stated that the parents may have missed warning signs, and that a two-year-old dog reaching “sexual maturity” should not be left alone with a small child.

Her words, however, were taken completely out of context. Stephanie Wolf, the misrepresented leader of NFVS, explained that a two-year-old dog can display aggression when reaching sexual maturity. “Aggression,” she told us in an exclusive interview, “[means] biting, not raping.” She never intended to suggest that parents need to fear potential rape by their family pet.

“Just coming from the standpoint of having worked with dogs that are breeding, [getting young dogs to mate] is not an easy thing,” said a frustrated Wolf. “For a dog to have done this in a fraction of a moment, sounds to me a little strange. This story does not add up.”

There goes one expert.

WIVB also made it appear that Albert Chille, the executive director of the Niagara County SPCA, verified the credibility of the story, when in fact he contradicted it. In a news story titled “Bizarre and Disturbing Dog Attack,” they quoted Chille as saying, “My understanding is the child had no bites on him at all … I guess the message is be respectful of a dog, until you absolutely know the animal” (ellipsis original).

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Pitbull ‘Molested And Attacked’ Toddler?

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93 Responses

  1. RShearer says:

    If you have any information on this case; please contact us at rrs@asrlab.org



  3. Laura says:

    I agree, is this case real? Could this be the parents covering up something? The whole thing seems fishy if you ask me…

  4. Taste Like Crazy says:

    I think that the story is a fabrication; plain and simple. As the story points out, several “facts” just don’t add up.I feel bad for the boy and the dog.www.TasteLikeCrazy.com

  5. Zully says:

    it is something really wrong about this story, if is like the article said, that the mother wanted to put the dog down before any investigation, and about the dog normally attaching its claws while mating, the kid no having any scrach or marks on him. Does she has something to hide????There is to many sick people in this world.All this matter make you think that the mother has somethig to hide about it, what if she was looking at them while happening and suddenly everything got out of control and she is making up a story to get out of troble?????.All I know is like Chille said” raised a lot of eyebrowns”. Could the police order to perform a lie detector to the mother??? I think that is a good idea.

  6. Sarah Farley says:

    I live and work in Lockport, NY. And this is a real story. A friend of my family is a Captain with the Lockport Police Dept. And he was talking to me about this. They are HIGHLY considering the fact that the family actually either trained or made the dog do this to the little boy. In the end though it is a very sad story. I myself have a 3 year old little boy and if I were the mother I wouldn’t be able to take all the media attention and would want the dog put down no matter what right away.

  7. ALKeck says:

    I don’t believe for a second that the dog did this!!! I think mom did or knows who did and because the media jumps everytime they hear the words “pit bull” the run the story regardless of the actual facts. This boy was hurt by a HUMAN, plain and simple! Dogs do not naturally mate with humans. Even if the dog had been trained to “perform” this act, it would have left SOME SORT OF MARKS on the child. Why did mom vanish? Very suspicious if you ask me!!!

  8. Dog freaks says:

    I did a little internet research. (Which was unbeliveably disgusting) Interestingly enough there are people who train dogs to have sex with humans. I guess it is possible the boy was imitating what he saw his mom doing with the dog, and the dog being well trained agreed. Considering the size of an average 2 year old and the size of the pitt bull…he may not have left scratches simply due to his size as compared to the boy. If there was no human male to be found may have been the dog that did it…but my guess is only because that was what he was trained to to

  9. ALKeck says:

    ALSO, it would be simple enough to do a DNA test on the semen left by the dog. Did anyone bother to collect the evidence here? You only need to analyze for species at 1st, then when it comes back as HUMAN DNA, then do the “real” work of identifying the culprit and areest and prosecute.

  10. ALKeck says:

    The dog would have left DNA if he had done it. Doggies don’t use condoms during intercourse. I would really like to know if there was DNA present and was it tested, if none there, better look at mom!

  11. Rhonda R. Shearer says:

    The press has reported that DNA test are being made. Results have not been announced.

  12. Rhonda R. Shearer says:

    The dog may have been used by humans for sex purposes before. However, these acts took human intervention as it is not a natural behavior with the chemical and anatomical parts of the acts in play. It is the female dog that positions herself to catch the penis. The male is aroused by her smell or alternatively by human manual stimulation. Common sense is that humans held the toddler into position and inserted the dog’s penis. Sick, sad.

  13. Jeremy says:

    In case you haven’t read our About Us section, our site is devoted to looking at errors and ethical breaches in the news media. We do original reporting and research and attempt to bring clarity and accuracy to stories in which clarity and accuracy are lacking. While some stories are perpetuated and prolonged by what you phrase “public gullibility,” we are interested in gullibility of a different kind–editorial gullibility. That is, the type of gullibility that allows dubious stories to slip into the news stream and gather momentum with the weight of respected news outlets behind them. So in that sense, we feel we are doing a great public service. Our journalism is very “real.”

  14. Rhonda R. Shearer says:

    Here is an excerpt from a report, Mark BonokoskiFri, November 4, 2005. A similar case– A 17 year old used a dog to rape a 12 year old boy. EXCERPT:”The facts of the case are as follows: In August 2003, the then-15-year-old girl was hired by a neighbour in her apartment building to look after her pit bull terrier while she went away to the west coast, and left her explicit instructions not to bring any other person into the apartment.The police report is three pages long. And it is graphic.It has the girl attending the apartment to feed the pit bull, and taking along the 12-year-old “victim” who also lived in the same building. They were sitting on the couch when the dog climbed up and began “humping” the boy.Both, according to the report, thought it was “funny.””We need to get rid of his horniness,” the girl reportedly said, and then instructed the boy to get down on the floor on his hands and knees where she then forcibly pulled down his pants and underwear, and put the pit bull in position.The boy told her to stop — that it was “no longer funny.”But it wasn’t about to stop.”The victim began crying in pain,” reads the police report. “After about 10-15 seconds of the dog penetrating the victim, the accused began hitting the dog on the head to break him off. The accused instructed the victim not to tell.”Back at his own apartment, the boy initially told his mother that his “puffy” face — swollen from crying — was the result of banging his head on a shelf. After he went to the bathroom and discovered he was bleeding, however, he let the entire story spill out, including showing her the scratches on his back that were consistent with claw marks.According to the police, the boy’s mother confronted the girl, but did not immediately report it to the police because she feared the girl was not only a bully, but a member of a gang in that end of Scarborough.It was only after a social worker at the boy’s school called the mother to discuss her son’s increasingly bad behaviour did the mother disclose the events of that summer. The social worker, in turn, called Children’s Aid who, in turn, called the cops.The girl was originally charged with three criminal counts, one for compelling bestiality, one for bestiality on a person under the age of 14, and another for sexual assault.”http://www.torontosun.com/News/Columnists/Bonokoski_Mark/2005/11/04/1291748.html

  15. Rhonda R. Shearer says:

    This seems a sick extension of dog excuses. “The dog ate my homework” ; “the dog farted” and now “the dog raped my child?” Human rape of animals and children are well known. This is like the Canada case were two perversions are combined–use the animal to rape the child.

  16. Rhonda R. Shearer says:

    Thanks for writing Sarah. I was just wondering. I hate to be graphic, but it is the only way I know to ask…If the dog was manually stimulated (therefore, was not, in and of itself “attracted” to the boy); the toddler was held and the dog’s penis inserted–do you still believe the dog should be killed?

  17. Adriene says:

    I’m sorry, but owning several dogs over the years…. but, isn’t there a pretty big difference between canine genitalia and human sex organs? Is is even possible for a dog size member to create such damage that a child would need reconstructive surgery? And, if they had to beat the dog off the child, wouldn’t there have been some marks on the child offering the possibility that the dog was indeed trying to stay on top of him?This just doesn’t add up at all……From the owner of a pitbull,Adriene

  18. Susan says:

    Sorry, but the evidence is not in and I too live locally.

    Just because the Capt said so, don’t make it fact that the dog was the instigator and culprit. They are only writing down what they are told this early in the investigation. It is wholly inappropriate and unprofessional for anyone involved in the case, including the Captain, especially in the decision making, to make public judgmental statements as to what “really” happened.

    I too know many in the police force who know the facts and they, rightfully, tell me that the ONLY story they have is the one the mother relayed. All of which never crossed the line of making judgments without the facts and before conclusion of an investigation.

    Those “stories” are not proofed yet, and certainly, are way beyond credibility without human intervention.

    If the dog did in fact engage in the ALLEGED attack, it had to be, like the example set forth, a result of human invervention and shaping. And it is the humans involved who should be held responsible. Including the “witnesses” who strangely enough, can’t get their statements straight in the media and too could be involved.

    There is no way structurally the dog could have done that without ieaving bruises or abrasions without human intervention to prevent same.

    Place the dog in a home without children and make sure the bahavior is shaped out and subsituted for an appropriate behavior.

    However, kill the dog? Hello, that most certainly is not a balanced perspective to an unvalidated situation. Nor is there any evidence the dog would engage again, if it had in the first place. The right thing to do would be to bring in a PROPERLY EDUCATED and balanced behavior modifier to assess the dog for placement or reoccurance, like someone from Cornell. And most certainly, take the dog from the home to save the dog from the family frankly.

    Seems like that is a lot of lack of impulse control in this entire story from the family to witnesses to journalists to police releasing judgments without facts.

    Hope your dog is never on the agenda for fair assessment and if you are ever in the situation where a police report is filed with allegations, that it is not aired for the public or friends with prejudgments already determined so that you prosecuted, or your dog, before facts are proven.

    This is still “innocent until proven guilty” country whether human or companion animal.

  19. susan says:

    Sorry, disagree. I’ve worked with dogs for more than 30 years and never read, heard or encountered this situation, and lived all over the US and traveled abroad. I’d have to go and search for the factual stories, along with the long long lists of sick “clubs” who are into beastiality. Again, most of it unsubstantiated. Certainly, none where the dog did it on its own fruition without human shaping and encouragement.

    If the few occasions I have heard any alluding to same, it has been at the hands of twisted humans or in reports of arrests of adults. It is most certainly not something that “happens all the time.”

    Feel free to produce FACT based stories of same to support such a broad statement or don’t perpetuate the situation with false claims and implications.

    This is exactly how the story came to be so expounded upon without any proven facts other than the child has been injured and the mother wanting to get rid of evidence. Speculation, unsubstantiated statements and police officials commenting to friends and neighbors, that which he has NO BUSINESS doing.

    It is a tragedy.. and contributing to muddied waters does not add clarity and my question is what is the motivation of those who point fingers without facts?

  20. susan says:

    Just exactly who is “us” and why the diligence in the persecution without the facts?

  21. Tina says:

    Ok, this obviously doesn’t add up as the article mentions. Among many other examples of this mother’s story not making sense, I also have another question. How would the dog know to take the child’s pants, shorts, diaper or whatever the child had on, off? Or was the child naked to begin with? Obviously, the mother is at fault no matter what way you look at it. The dog did not do it IMO. I have worked with dogs for many years, in particular pit bulls, and cannot see how this could happen the way that the mother is claiming. I feel horrible for the poor child and dog. They BOTH are victims of human ignorance.

  22. Ali says:

    Thought this sounded fishing from beginning. One question though– what about reports of neighbors who said they had to beat the dog off the child. Did they really see/do anything? If so, isn’t that proof child was penetrated? But if they did have to beat the dog, wouldn’t the dog have left claw marks or bruises on the boy?

  23. Guest says:
  24. Abida says:

    The mother claims that the little boy took his soiled diaper off and she went to get a clean one, and in that short amount of time it happened…. i think its b.s. personally.

  25. Dee says:



    I believe that the mother had been having sexual intercourse with the mother and as a result the baby ended up being the victim. She probably never thought that would happen. That is horrible. Experts are also stating that the dog was taught that behavior. During the time that Dogs mates the have been known to claw and bite the mate. There were no Bruises nor marks found on the baby.

  26. Jessica George says:

    First of all, let me say that I have raised pit bulls for a long time now. And this women’s story is NOT right. I feel sorry for the dog and the boy. There are too many holes in her story. It does not make any sense. I hope they charge her for negligence.

  27. Anna says:

    Well, first of all, Dogs DO NOT have to be trained for that… I have seen a young Pitt try to pull a 4 year girl to him and “Huntch” her … All she was doing to ” provoke” that was playing, and running around… ( That just got him wound up, I guess ) Have you ever heard of nature??? I pray to God that this woman was not putting her baby in that kind of danger…

  28. Misti says:

    Most likely what you saw was an act of dominance. Both male and female dogs will hump other dogs and people in a display of power over the other animal. This is easily stopped with a little knowledge of dog psychology and behavior.

  29. Betty says:

    Rumors are flying that the dog owner used to take photos and make videos of crack addicts performing sexual acts on the poor dog. That is why she has so adamantly requested to have the dog put down. Sounds like she wants to get rid of the evidence to me.

    They ought to euthanise her and adopt out the dog.

  30. Demmy says:
  31. Christine K. says:

    Has there been any more updates on this?

    Our local news has had nothing to report.

  32. Christine K. says:

    O.o With all five of her kids in the house?!

  33. Me says:

    John Rogerson is one of the best, mabye the absolute best, dog behavourist in the World. I hope your police department has tried to reach him. He is in the UK and can easily be found searching his name and dog behaviorist on the internet. Google that and his name will come up first!

  34. Unknown says:

    First, I don’t care how many people work with dogs or had worked with dogs and never experienced or learning that a dog had raped a child before. It’s very well possible and most likely has happened but never heard about it until July. There are some pit bulls who are very vicious just as another other dog and would commit such henious acts against a child. Marks didn’t necessary have to be on the child. The dog could have possibly held the child down with its weight. Logically, think about it, it was said that the mother had the baby lying on the bed on his front side with no clothes on. This would had given the dog the perfect opportunity to commit this vicious act against the baby. Meaning, since the baby was already on his front side with no clothes on, the only thing the dog had to do was jump on the bed, stand over the baby with the dog legs not touching the boy. Now, if the mother startled the dog and the dog got up and ran with the baby still attached and the baby had no scratches, then something fishy is going on with the mother’s story. Dogs knows the difference between humans and dogs and not to mention especially when they are in “heat”. If the mother had something to do with that, she will pay for her crime. Have a good one!

  35. Kerri says:

    There is a website supporting Bear. Please feel free to visit and post comments.


  36. Anonymous says:

    You should see the mother’s MYSPACE page. She took pictures of her kid in the hospital.

  37. sophia dalle says:

    This is a horrifically perverted human crime

    and an outrage to all ethics. This poor dog did not molest the child. That is utterly idiotic

    and lame comments do not serve to help anyone.

  38. Bobbie says:

    The dog is innocent, common sense as well as all that has been found out to date proves this, the police and DA know this yet they have been dragging their feet in this investigation. Why, who knows, not only is the dog suffering, but the child and the other children could very well be in danger. The dog, Bear, has been held without cause, and needs out now! He needs to go to a rescue were he will receive the care, exercise and the socialization he needs with other dogs and humans. This is so unfair to this dog, cruel and inhumane to keep him caged like this! Please go to the following sight and sign the petition to demand Bear’s release. And if you could take the time to make the calls or write the letters, on Bear’s behalf (info provided on the petition site)it would be appreciated very much.


    Thank you.

  39. Brandy D. Ramos says:

    There was another case where the mother had molested her son and blamed it on the family dog which was also a pit bull. The woman in that case had used a turkey baster to insert the dogs semen in her son. I think that this might be a copy cat of that case.

  40. max says:

    whats up sophie are u dog tied

  41. Skullie says:

    Dogs are not capable of mating in that position. The child would have to be on his hands and knees, not lay flat. And then it’s impossible for the dog to mate without holding onto the child, ergo causing damage with his claws.

  42. dog defender says:

    the dog cant be blamed for something that it does in its nature so lay off the dog and talk to the child about it!

  43. amber says:

    i agree with you because i don’t like anything being blamed on dogs

  44. Diane DiGravio says:

    Where is Bear now? What was his fate?

  45. Rhio2k says:

    It’s possible because male dogs, during sex, get a HUGE swelling around the base of their penis. This is to lock the penis into the bitch they’re mating with so their semen (which is thin and watery) doesn’t run out before it has at least a sporting chance to make it to some eggs before running back out of the vagina.

  46. Rhonda R. Shearer says:

    We at StinkyJournalism have been investigating this case for the past year.

    Never in the history of vet medicine has there been a "dog on dog rape" victim. Think about it. This is a male child. If there has never been "male dog on male dog rape" or even, anal sex among dogs; how in the world could this claim of a male dog anally sodomizes a human child be true? It is simply not true.

    Stay tuned…more news soon.

  47. sue says:

    I have never heard a story like this before in my life about a dog raping a child or having anything to do with a sexuality to a human being this is very disturbing .I think she is making up stories some one should investigate this far ahead .

  48. blah says:

    So now what happened in the end with this story? Why isn’t there better reporting going on here. This all just sounds like he said she said nonsense yet this is being called an article? it is what I called it in the beginning of this comment, a story. How is it that the mother would just be allowed to leave during an investigation if the child did INDEED need anal reconstructive surgery? Why is there no foruther reporting whether or not she was in custody of the police? If this happened in any other mid west state id believe it but not NEW YORK. They give tickets to JAYWALKERS New York City, how would they let a child get raped and leave it at that? If the dog DID INDEED get to rape the child substantially enough to cause trauma, then that means he would have 1 clawed or AT LEAST SCRATCHED the child, and 2 IMPORTANT!!!- EJACULATED!!! SO right then and there there would have been a specimen of DOG SPERM to know the truth….this is all crap. If youre going to write an article about anything especially as HANUS AS THIS, MAKE SURE you dont just get your feet wet and divulge the FULL STORY.

  49. Rhonda Roland Shearer says:

    We have been working hard on this case since it happened. It is too bad but the wheels of justice run slowly. It is typical that cases take far too long–especially when a child is harmed. We have consulted experts and have formed a ad hoc committee that will release a report after law enforcement has finalized their work–hopefully very soon. BTW, Lockport NY is a small community in upstate New York–not New York City.

  50. Phil says:

    If the mother left the child alone and the child wet his pants dog smell that and they do go after a child. for some reason that scent attractive animal. So never say never, too me It seems like people are willing to cars more for a dog than a human life. what is this world coming to.

  51. BILL says:

    This has got to be one of the weirdest stories I have ever read. It is so perverted and outlandish that to figure out whether it happened, could have happened or anything like happened I have to step back and just look at the science because 1. I don’t know what the mother’s mental health is/was or the household environment 2. obviously I know nothing about the dog in question.

    I guess most of us have heard of, seen or experienced a male dog humping the leg of a human, usually this happens when a female dog is in heat somewhere close by and the male dog can’t get to it. Okay, while that supports the theory that a dog may seek a human body for sexual release, it doesn’t explain a. the differences in the human anal anatomy vs cannine penile anatomy, meaning does the length of the dog in question line up well enough to allow it to penetrate a human anus b. because it has been alluded to that the child was damaged anally as a result of the alledged attack, having raised dogs and of course seen their penuses it beggars understanding if the dog could hold a child immobile and penetrate his anus the size and length of a small to medium size dog’s penus is not large and the human anus is made expand of course to allow feces to exit. This means that if the act did occur it is unlikely that the damage if any done to the child physically would have resulted in an injury so severve to have required reconstructive surgery. "I am NOT a physician", so I am speaking only as a layperson, my understanding of such matters (thankfully) is very limited. However, just from a physiological/scientific point of view I serious doubts as to whether this anal rape by the dog on the child could have occured or if it did that it would have resulted in such a severe injury that the child would have required major surgery.

    In closing, true or not this story is sick. If the beastial rape occured, it is twisted and sick, if the dog didn’t rape the boy, then the boy received the anal injury some other way and humans would have to be involved, that’s sick. If the mother of the child is involved it is sick beyond my comprehension, a mother is the single person in a child’s life that the child can rely on to protect he or she and for her to cause or allow this to happen is a crime that I can’t even think of a punishment for.

  52. Cat says:

    You are an idiot!!! Think about what you just said!!!!! You dont think that maybe the mother is covering up her sons rape!! I am not a dog lover, I’m just realistic about how sick and sadistic some people are!!!

  53. Patrick says:

    I have to agree with Cat.

    I’ve worked in child protection for 20 years and have a MA (Hons) focusing on child abuse.

    This story is completely preposterous. The comments Cat reasonably criticises are nonsensical and driven by hysteria and a lack of knowledge about the subject.

    In this story you’ll find one of a few things happen: The mother did it.

    Her partner/boyfriend/brother other close friend (with benefits) or relative did it.

    I’ll put money on one of the first two. Not a hard call as this is the case in the absolute majority of instances (and it is a constant challenge to men in general to address those thing within our society that make this possible).

  54. kelly clarkson says:

    WTF how weird.

  55. edward_english says:

    First of all for a little child to have to have reconstructive surgery on their little bum because of some anal damage, proves that this child has either been hurt by A: the mother, B: the father, or C: some other person in the household with the ability to hurt a toddler in such a manner. It is Impossible for a dog to perform such a task with a human. and if they were watching their child properly then the dog shouldnt have even had any time to cause any damage. This is byfar the most rediculous story I have ever heard. My friend has 3 children and a pit bull. I seriously believe who ever came up with this story needs tons of help and I will keep the toddler in my prayers.

  56. PitBullLover says:

    Bear was signed over by the family on 9/3/2009 according to the Buffalo news.

    He will be released for adoption! FINALLY!!!

  57. Joan White says:

    This is probably the most asinine thing that I’ve ever heard of, i’m not saying that this is impossible, the minute I do I will be proven wrong, so my question is this where was the mother when this was allegedly taking place. I’ve been around pitts my entire life and I dont care what anyone says if you treat any animal with kindness and love it will return in kind. I have had several pitts and have yet to have one turn, I even gave one to my three year old nephew who will eat candy, etc around that dog it it does him no harm. I believe in you get what you recieve. Before putting this dog down someone should take a VERY close look at the mother and anyone else involved, is she covering up another crime, I just dont see how this happened without the child being held down and someone provoking it.

  58. Joan White says:

    I hope this dog gets a good home I just cant see something like this happening? Are you as curious as I am to know what the hell the mother was doing when this was allegedly taking place? I love my Harley Girl (blue nosed pitt)

  59. PitBullLover says:

    The mother (according to the buffalo news) is under investigation, I do not believe "Bear"could have done this. If I could adopt him myself, I would, because after all the hell he’s been through, he deseveres the good life. I’d like to know where the mother was too. I love both my pit bulls (a blue-brindle and a blue)

  60. abby says:

    I Dont belive the dog did this act, but it can happen. Dont doubt it!! ANIMALS ARE ANIMALS

  61. jessica says:

    (Note from Editor: This post was found blank. Jessica will have to re-post her comment. )

  62. grace says:

    hi this is a very disturbing story i dont doubt that dog raped that boy, the reason why i agree is because when my cousin was a baby and was crawling on the floor my dog ran to him like if he was a bitch,we freaked out sure the baby was wearing a diaber, but it was still freaky, im asumming in the ladys case the boy was crawling naked. she should have been watching the boy dogs are dogs i dont think they can tell the difference specially when the boy is crawling however i believe the doctors who check the boy have the true answer and they can determine by examining the boy. however no matter what a child should never be left unattended for any reason specially that age i feel for the boy severely, on a personall matter if that were my boy i would have already decapitated that dog with my bare hands, but there is laws that protect animals as well as humans therefore is best to leave it in the hands of god, he that knows the thruth and sees it all. will give all of us what we deserve according to our actions, including animals

  63. Justin says:

    if your a human then theres about a 40 to 50 percent chance a dog has humped you before, dogs hump legs daily, so what makes it so hard to believe that a vulnerable baby could not be raped by a dog, i mean its very weird and rare but weird stuff happens everyday, and if there was secrets being held why would the mom even mention the boy getting raped in the first place? i gotta vouch for the mom

  64. What says:

    So umm, what happened with this case?????

  65. Responsible Parent says:

    Child services should take that baby away from the mom…..Who leaves their child unattended, naked…with a dog that hasn’t been nudered, and is in heat…….now think about how babies are crawling around on all fours……Dogs hump everything, dogs hump stuffed animals….It’s not the dog’s fault, its the mom’s fault it is child neglect.

    This probably isn’t the only case of a dog raping a child, except this IS the only one where the baby didn’t have a diaper….

  66. Annie says:

    I can say if the boy was on the floor it would not have been hard for a dog to weigh him down. I do agree there is something wrong. Maybe what that was teaching the dog. But from what I remember of the incident there were witnesses that say the dog attached to the dog and the boy had to have reconstructive surgery. Of course it is a shame this happened but the child will suffer the most and I am sure the dog was not attacking the boy, it was just doing what dogs do..hump.

  67. Annie says:

    What about the child? I am sorry but I see so many comments about the dog and how it is such a shame he may be put to sleep. I do not see half as many comments showing sympathy for the 2 year old that has gone through multiple reconstructive surgeries. It is not that unbelievable a dog humped…they will hump anything. Rape is a strong description for what happened. I am sure if the dog did it, there was no malice intended.

  68. Annie says:

    I so agree, haven’t anyone ever experience a dog have a grand time in the garbage, dirty diapers were a bonus. The dog did not know it was doing anything wrong, but the child is the one that should be receiving the words of comfort, concern and prayers that maybe this was not to dramatic that he could not forget the experience.

  69. Noyb_Silent says:

    Male dogs don’t go into heat. Only the females do.

  70. gabe smith says:

    Dogs dont rape kids. my dogs show no signs of wanting to have sex with my son, and no other dog ive seen.

  71. miss H says:

    Anyone who is saying that pit bulls become aggressive or whatever during sexual maturity need a slap in the face and to really get to know pit-bulls like i do. I used to breed this wonderful dog nad have them around toddlers while i was in another room or area of the house. My 2 year pit-bull was very aggressive over small children if you were a stranger in his house. THESE DOGS ARE TRAINED TO KILL BY STUPID PEOPLE ITS NOT THE DOGS FAULT STOP TRYING TO BLAME THEM ALL THE TIME –TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY. HUMANS MAKE MISTAKES OWN UP TO IT. THIS ONE JUST SADLY HAD YOUNG CHILD MIXED IN AND I HOPE HE MAKES A FULL RECOVERY.

  72. Will says:

    You breed animals yet are ignorant enough to not acknowledge that all animals have their own personality and that one being aggressive is not only possible but probable? astonishing.

  73. Bree says:

    … I think the mother needs some psychological help, theres no way a dog can actually ‘rape’ somebody. Humping is different, in a dog’s perspective, I don’t think it’s possible for a dog to just go over and put their genital in the kids rear and start going off. I think this was just some sick, epic fail excuse to have the dog killed that was obviously not needed in the household, or at least by the mom in a sense.

  74. Firedancer87 says:

    Male dogs do not go into heat & it’s usually smaller dogs that have issues with humping people, not pit bulls. A dog humping a leg is a dominance issue, not sexual & I would like to think that a dog would be able to tell a child from a female dog in heat!!

  75. firedancer87 says:

    I completely agree with you. But there are actually some morons here that propose a dog cannot tell the difference between a baby & a bitch in heat! Seriously, a dog’s sense of smell is Several times more potent than ours & if a dog can sniff out an ovulating bitch from miles away, don’t you think it would be able to tell the difference. I do not discount the fact that dogs will hump just about anything (even female dogs) but is is a show of dominance, not sexual in nature. I hate to be so blunt, but I hardly think that this dog or any for that matter, can be sexually attracted enough for the dog to get it up, much less in. Anyone who has bred dogs knows how difficult that very feat can be in it’s self!

  76. firedancer87 says:

    Yes, but if you know that much about the anatomy & function of a dog’s genitals, then you should also know that there is no way in hell the dog could just "take off running, dragging the child along." Firstly, it you’ve ever seen two dogs tie, you should know that it causes them considerable pain to be tugged upon. Enter the average weight of a two year old toddler with the avg weight of a two year old APBT, well you do the math! Secondly, if you’ve ever seen a failed tie, IE it left stuck out, you know that the dog will not move much at all until the swelling goes down & even if it does, it certainly won’t go running as the ejaculatory spasms only allow a jerky walk. Sheer elementary knowledge of canine anatomy tells me there is something else more sinister going on here. I feel horribly for the child, but I refuse to blame the dog for actions beyond it’s means!!

  77. Sonny says:

    Get it straight : Dolphins rape people.

    People rape animals

  78. JohnC says:

    Humping is about both dominance and sexuality. As with human rape (male and female), forced intercourse is more about power than sex, but involves both.

    Dogs don’t just try to hump, they are trying to have intercourse. There is in theory no reason why a young dog would not try to have actual intercourse with a human, if presented with the opportunity – as it allegedly was here.

    If the dog was neutered it should have been less sexually active, and a male dog certainly wouldn’t be in heat! This story has always seemed to me to be implausable. Has anyone heard whether the mother was charged with sexual abuse of her son?

  79. LycanPrincess says:

    Ok something is very wrong. The child needs to be taken away from his mother now! Maybe she sodomized him with some sort of object but instead of her getting in trouble she claimed a dog, especially a Pit Bull,, raped her son. That woman is a pedophile and her son in in danger.

  80. Beth says:

    Just a note, they’re not saying that pit bulls are aggressive when reaching sexual maturity, THEY ARE SAYING THAT ALL DOGS CAN BE AGGRESSIVE WHEN REACHING SEXUAL MATURITY. Which is true.

  81. Beth says:

    I seriously doubt that the dog did this. This is absolutely ludicrous and the mother needs to be thoroughly investigated and that child needs to be removed from the home.

  82. Sonny says:

    This lady is out of her mind! How is it that this dog undressed the child and maneuvered and maintained the child in such a position to successfully accomplish this act? She’s trying to blame an animal for a wrongdoing so she isn’t looked at badly for giving this dog to a shelter because she doesn’t want the responsibility anymore! Shame on her!! What a horrid pet owner!!!

  83. Kirsty Stuart-Clarke says:

    OMG………..how far will people go to make money????

  84. Brenda says:

    Do I believe the child was raped? Yes.I mean no where did it say that the hospital said that wasn’t the case. But, do I believe a dog of any breed did it? h*** no!! I dont even think its possible, unless the human was fully cooperative, and even when you hear sick stories of humand having sex with dogs, its usually with a woman and not in the anus. ( Do I need to elaborate?)

    So my 2 cents worth on this issue are…. leave the dog alone, do NOT return it to these people, get that child out of that home immediately and find out who did rape the child!

  85. Christy T says:

    I was browsing the web when I found this ridiculous story. I just can not believe the lengths that people will go to extinguish this breed of dog. First off, this woman has been in trouble with child protective services at least twice before this happened. Once for her filthy child running around in the streets for at least an hour. The police arrived and did find the child in the road, wearing a soiled diaper. Secondly, she has been in trouble for nasty living conditions. Now all of a sudden a "pit bull" raped her baby. Truth be known, she left her children in the care of someone she didnt know and when she returned, she found her baby badly injured. She didnt wanna go to jail for her "neglect" so a glamorous story was concocted by her and probably the guy that did it to her baby. It is extremely unlikely that this occured by a dog. I do not see a 2 year baby standing still long enough for that to happen. It has to be a hoax as there have not been any followups whatsoever to this ridiculous story. People should not believe a word of it. Although I found the story on a Pro-BSL website, whose agenda is to destroy all "Pit Bull Type" dogs. This is a new low, even for them…

  86. Renda Luvaas says:

    What ever happened to the dog? the child? the woman? Was this media hype story ever corrected by the reporting papers?

  87. Renda Luvaas says:

    BTW the reporting (facts, source etc.) in this story is very good…the subject and reason for the story stink to high heaven. So the reporter gets 2 doz. roses. The sad need for this common since, first steps approach, based on truthful, factual evidence and events.Is just so disappointing. To have to re-interview, and report with clarity, a experts opinion is appalling. It doesn’t take a very smart person to question such a obvious and utterly ridiculous fabrication. What a sicking shame that it was perpetuated by numbers seeking mudslinging, headline grabbing, vampires who claim to be "reporters" and "news media".

  88. Sydney Smith, StinkyJournalism.org says:

    Hi Renda, Thanks for your comments. We have continued investigating this case and plan to have an updated report in the coming months. Thank you for reading! Sydney

  89. chiefredelk says:

    When my baby daughter who is now 21 was about 7 years old I was doing lawn care and had my my two little girls with me..I was string trimming as my kids played….The oldest about daughter was about 10 at the time…I heard her calling out to me in an excited voice and felt danger was near.. I came running with the string trimmer in my hand. When I rounded the corner of the house I saw the people big Boxer Dog continually knocking the 7 year old down from behind, She would get up and he would knock her down again… As she fell onto her hands with both feet on the ground she bent naturally which was the perfect doggy position.. That dog was trying to penetrate through her Jeans while the older child was yelling afraid of the dog… The Dog growled at me telling me to get back but that was my baby and I would die for her..Immediately I gassed the Motor on my string trimmer and put the swirling sting of the weed trimmer right on the dogs butt and hit his testicles…He dropped down and raw to the far corner of the lawn..My daughter was wearing Jeans and fully dressed or that dog would have penetrated her..There was a spot on her jeans right at her anus…How these animals know stuff like that is amazing but I saw this and I know it happens.. I put my daughters inside the cab of my truck until I finished the job.. I believe that behavior just came natural. for that dog.. IF I had not been there to stop it I can assure you the dog would have torn her clothes off and raped her..He had become very aggressive and adamant and it took a lot to get him off her….It may be the dog started playing but when he jumped on her and she fell on all fours then his natural instincts took over.. I fully believe this woman’s story because it almost happened to my little girl..Some mothers will allow a baby to stay nude while they run bath water. This dog DID what the lady said. I am sure of it in my heart…..

  90. Molly says:

    All I can say is "Yeah right lady." This is neglect, through and through. Pibbles on the whole are generally very protective of children (my rescue pit LOVES little kids, she’ll let them yank on her ears and lay on her and poke at her and she just loves the attention) and I REALLY don’t think this dog raped the child. Were there claw marks? And if he HAD actually somehow penetrated the child, pit bulls "tie" just like all other dogs when they mate. They would’ve been found stuck together. I hope she goes to jail, and I hope that pittie finds a loving forever home.

  91. Alivia says:

    R u kidding me!! I’ve never heard of this ever and I’ve been around animals all my life !! I hope who ever did this gets what coming to them it’s sad to see someone blame a dog for something g so horrible !! Poor dog poor kid ..this world is full of sick people and just because that dog has no voice to talk for itself they go and blame him!! It doesn’t even make since !! Sad sad sad!!!!

  92. Coby Carwile says:

    Anyone who remotely thinks this is possible must not be dealing with a full deck.

  93. I don’t have an unambiguous answer to this. This accident consist two sides. On the one hand the culprit of this tragedy is a dog,because of their breed, which is distinguished for its aggressiveness and cruelty. But I think it’s not true. Every dog can be normal if it is well trained and has an adequate owner. So, on the other hand, the reason of these consequences is an dog’s owner.

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