Southend Echo Apologizes, Corrects after PCC Complaint

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The Southend Echo apologized for and corrected a March 9 report on the death of a woman named Kerry Archer after her mother filed a complaint to the UK Press Complaints Commission, Hold the Front Page reported.

The story claimed Archer died from “a drugs overdose” even though “the cause of death had not yet been established.”

The story also wrongly “linked the a stabbing that occurred a week later.”

The Echo’s apology read in part:

“However, there is no suggestion the stabbing was connected to Ms Archer’s death. We are also happy to point out that the cause of Ms Archer’s death has not yet been established. An inquest has yet to be held. We apologise to Ms Archer’s family for any distress caused by our report.”

See the PCC’s report on the complaint here.

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Southend Echo Apologizes, Corrects after PCC Complaint

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