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The UK Sun claimed a bombing victims advocacy group demonstrated at a football match and the police had to restrain them. But, in fact, the group was there fundraising, not causing “trouble.”

The Sun admitted that in a March 13 apology to the group, the Justice for the 21, which advocates for the 1974 Birmingham pub bombing victims, the Guardian reported. According to the Guardian: “The false claim was made in a report on the Birmingham City v Aston Villa game, in which a fan was arrested and jailed after running on to the pitch to punch one of the players, Jack Grealish.”

The 1974 Birmingham pub bombings killed 21. “The IRA is believed to have carried out the bombings, although no-one has ever admitted responsibility,” according to the BBC.

Kevin Winters, the lawyer for Justice for the 21, told iMediaEthics by e-mail, “The Sun apologised after we contacted them. The matter is still the subject of ongoing legal engagement with the Sun.”

The Sun‘s apology read:

“We wish to clarify that members of the group were there as fundraisers, not demonstrators, and that there was no suggestion that the group had caused any trouble for police. The Sun has publicised the work of the group over a number of years, which campaigns for the 21 victims of the 1974 Birmingham pub bombing. We apologise if any offence was caused.””

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Sun: Sorry we said bombing victims advocacy group caused trouble for police

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