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(Credit: India Times, screenshot)

The Economic Times  questioned if media outlets in India will “learn the Murdoch lessons.” As a result of the scandal engulfing Murdoch’s News Corp’s UK papers — specifically the now-closed News of the World, The Economic Times noted journalist Kuldip Nayar commented that the scandal should lead to Indian media engaging in “some self-introspection.”

Issues in Indian media have included “bias, lies, paid news, plagiarism, political leanings and corporatisation,” but phone hacking isn’t an issue the media has had to deal with in India, according to the Economic Times.

But, the Economic Times highlighted the effect of Radiagate, the term for the Indian media ethics scandal in which leaked taped recordings indicated a close relationship between journalists and politicians.  According to the Economic Times , “no action was taken against the reporters in question.”

The Economic Times noted that the UK phone hacking scandal exemplifies the need for more transparency in Indian media.

Read more on the Economic Times’ website here.

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Will NOTW Scandal Affect Indian Media?

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