A fair breaking news MH17 headline or bad taste? CNN Reporter 'sees bodies'

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A screenshot of CNN's Malaysia Airlines plane crash coverage.

CNN is promoting at the top of its web page that its reporter “sees bodies” from the Malaysia Airlines plane crash. The flight, Malaysian Airlines flight 17, was headed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

With 298 people killed when the airplane crashed yesterday in Ukraine, is it really worth the clicks shouting to readers that its reporter sees some of the bodies? Is it fair to the victims of the crash and their families?

CNN Breaking News alert headline? “CNN’s Phil Black, reporting from crash scene, see bodies in the MH17 wreckage.” See screenshot below.

CNN features its reporter seeing bodies in the MH17 crash scene in its breaking news headline. (CREDIT: Screenshot from CNN web site)


iMediaEthics finds the news alert in bad taste. Do you agree?


UPDATE: 9:12 AM EST 7/20/2014-  Updated included citing information about screenshot and new caption.

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A fair breaking news MH17 headline or bad taste? CNN Reporter ‘sees bodies’ in Malaysia flight wreckage

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