Another News of the World phone hacker goes to jail

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Another former News of the World-er has been sentenced to jail for his involvement in the phone hacking scandal.

Ian Edmondson was sentenced to eight months in prison this month, the Guardian reported.

Justice Saunders noted that Edmondson’s hacking of celebrities and politicians ““amount to a substantial invasion of privacy which has caused distress to many people, the majority of whom cannot be accused of courting publicity.”

Saunders added that Edmondson’s personal problems because of hacking are his own fault., saying, according to the Telegraph:

“I am satisfied that he is suffering from depression as well as having other medical problems. Mr Edmondson was dismissed from his job at the NotW and he has lost his reputation as a journalist. He has only himself to blame for that.”

As iMediaEthics previously reported, Edmondson was one of the original eight defendants in the phone hacking trial including Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. Because of health reasons, he was removed from the trial. During that time, he switched his not guilty plea to a guilty plea.

The News of the World suspended Edmondson, who was a news editor, in December 2010 and fired him the next month amidst a growing investigation into phone hacking.

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Another News of the World phone hacker goes to jail

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