Boston sports WEEI suspends host for calling Tom Brady daughter pissant

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Boston sports radio WEEI suspended radio host Alex Reimer after he called New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 5 -year-old daughter “an annoying little pissant,” ESPN reported.

Reimer’s Jan. 25 comments got national coverage after Brady ended his Jan. 29 interview with the station by  slamming the comments. Brady said, in his regular weekly interview with the station, that the comments were “very disappointing,” and adding “my daughter, or any child, certainly don’t deserve that,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “pissant” as “one that is insignificant used as a generalized term of abuse.” The dictionary’s website noted that the term “had a sudden surge in lookups, rising 115,000% on January 29th.”

Despite being upset by the comments, Brady said he didn’t want Reimer to be fired over the incident, ESPN reported.

iMediaEthics wrote to WEEI to ask how long Reimer would be suspended, if he would be paid or not, and what prompted his comments. WEEI sent iMediaEthics a copy of its statement from WEEI’s SVP/Market Manager Mark Hannon, which reads:

“We are disappointed and embarrassed by Alex Reimer’s on-air comments made last Thursday evening.  His remarks were utterly indefensible, and mean-spirited commentary directed in any way at children is wholly inappropriate.  Mr. Reimer remains suspended indefinitely from all WEEI platforms.

“We deeply regret what happened and offer our sincerest apologies to Tom Brady, his daughter and his family, as well as the New England Patriots organization.  Mr. Brady has been a long time contributor to WEEI throughout his Patriots career, and he has treated us with the utmost professionalism and respect throughout the partnership.  We have communicated our course of action to the Patriots and Tom Brady, and they are in support of our disciplinary response.”

iMediaEthics has tweeted Reimer to ask about his comments.

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Boston Sports Radio WEEI Suspends Host after Tom Brady daughter ‘pissant’ comments

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