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Al Jazeera newsroom in Doha, Qatar (Credit: Wikipedia)

This is an an unusual twist on a political scandal. An Australian political candidate, Steve Dickson, resigned recently after Australian Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program showed undercover video of him making derogatory comments inside a U.S. strip club, BuzzFeed reported.

But while the video was shown on Channel Nine late last month, it was actually footage from Al Jazeera’s undercover reporting. Al Jazeera said it didn’t broadcast the footage in its reporting because it “did not consider it in the public interest to broadcast the material.”

“Despite Al Jazeera’s own decision not to publish the images, they have now been published without Al Jazeera’s consent,” Al Jazeera’s statement read. “Al Jazeera condemns the unauthorized use of its material.”

iMediaEthics has written to Al Jazeera to ask if it will take any action over the use of its footage. We’ve also contacted Channel Nine to ask how it obtained the footage.

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Channel Nine uses Al Jazeera’s undercover video

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