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A CDC graphic of the coronavirus (Credit :CDC)

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition wrongly tweeted that U.S. airlines asked for a paltry $25 in aid because of coronavirus. But, they are actually asking for $25 billion.

The Morning Edition correction reads: “Correction: a previous version of this tweet wrote airlines were asking for $25 in direct aid. This was the wrong number.”

The Guardian published several corrections March 12, including:

“An article about the coronavirus outbreak wrongly said a death had been confirmed in “St Helier, Jersey”. As later editions noted, that case was at St Helier hospital in the London borough of Sutton (Stock market meltdown as virus fears trigger sell-off, 10 March, page 2).

“• People on zero-hours contracts can get statutory sick pay if they meet certain conditions, contrary to advice given in a feature (Holidays, pensions, events, jobs: what it means for you, 7 March, page 40).

“• This article was amended on 11 March 2020. The picture caption mistakenly said that Graham and Mary Craddock were taken to “Lao Cai hospital in Hanoi”. The couple were taken from Lao Cai hospital, in north-west Vietnam, to Hanoi. In addition, errors introduced in the editing process led an earlier version to say that the quarantine conditions in Hanoi “had been poor at times, with no toilet or hot water”. As the article said elsewhere, those complaints related to conditions in Lao Cai hospital, not in quarantine in Hanoi.”

USA Today misreported the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus

The correction reads:

News: A previous version of this story reported the incorrect total of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. due to an editing error.

NPR also erred in reporting on the number of cases.

The March 13 correction reads:

“In an update of this post on March 12, the total number of world cases was incorrectly tabulated at 200,000-plus. The number has been corrected in the post.”

In addition, NPR erred in reporting on coronavirus and the census.

The March 15 correction:

“A previous version of this story said that because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Census Bureau suggested in a letter that colleges and universities contact their students about how to get counted for the 2020 census online on their own. It would have been more accurate to say that suggestion was in regards only to students who usually live off campus. An earlier version also said that census workers are generally supposed to try to gather information from unresponsive households within six days. It would have been more accurate to say that workers generally have up to six days in total because the days do not have to be in consecutive order.”

Another USA Today error:

News: A previous version of a map below transposed the labels for Norway and Sweden.

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Coronavirus Errors: Number of Cases, Airline Aid

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