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iMediaEthics’s latest roundup of corrections starts below:

  1. The Toronto Star corrected a June 27 story by The Canadian Press, a wire service, that overstated how many people died from cannabis.

The correction reads:

A June 27 article by The Canadian Press about a recent report on the economic cost of substance use in Canada in 2014 mistakenly said cannabis use resulted in 8,815 deaths. In fact, the report attributed 815 deaths to cannabis use.


2. The UK Express erred in a story about Montserrat’s volcano, incorrectly saying when it last erupted and other details.

The lengthy clarification reads:

On 07 March 2018 we published an article headlined “Montserrat’s volcano update: Is the terrifying volcano at risk of imminent eruption?”

The article said that the volcano was showing signs of intense activity. The article was subsequently amended on 03 April 2018.

The article claimed that ‘Montserrat’s dormant volcano last erupted in 1997, when the fiery mountain reared its ugly head after a two-year-longperiod of activity.’ This is incorrect.

The eruption started in 1995 and has continued ever since that date, with five “pauses” in the surface activity.

According to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) the volcano is currently in such a pause, which started in February 2010.

Inflation, earthquakes and gas characterise these pauses. The first paragraph said that volcano-tectonic earthquakes in February had ‘sparking fears of eruption.

The MVO state that nobody in the Monserrat government, or scientific community has developed a fear of an eruption because of these earthquakes.

According to the MVO five earthquakes in a week is not unusual for the Monserrat volcano because the average weekly rate since February 2010 is four.

One week recorded 62 such earthquakes.

This type of earthquake activity, known as a “swarm”, is considered to be perfectly normal at this stage in the eruption.

The article also said “But volcanologists monitoring the volcano have noted increased volcanic stirring underneath Montserrat.”

We have been asked to clarify that the MVO has regularly reported on activity and that since 2010 there has been gradual inflation of the volcano and the entire island due to the influx of magma at depth.

Professor Neuberg had been re-examining some of the data in a quest for an alternative explanation and concluded that there is no reason to change MVO’s interpretation.

The rate quoted of “35 cubic feet of magma building up beneath the island every seven seconds” is a new estimate, but remains the average rate since 2010.

Consequently there has been no “increased volcanic stirring”.

Since February 2010 the advice from MVO has always been that the eruption is not over and that surface activity may restart.


3. A July 3 NPR story overstated the number of children educated in Catholic schools. That correction read:

“A previous Web version of this story incorrectly stated that about half of all children in the U.S. were educated in Catholic schools 50 years ago. It was about half of all Catholic children in the U.S.”


4. Also, a July 5 NPR story on Pres. Donald Trump’s visit to the UK corrected a correction about the length of his stay. The corrected correction reads:

“We previously posted a correction that said President Trump will be arriving in London on July 13 for a three-day visit to the U.K. The president is expected to arrive in London on July 12 for a 3 1/2-day U.K. visit.”

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Corrections: 8K or 800 Cannabis Deaths? When did that Volcano Erupt?

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