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iMediaEthics’ latest round-up of amusing or noteworthy corrections from the media:

1.Vulture published an eye-catching correction on an article about singer Billie Eilish.

The Feb. 6 Vulture correction:

“*Correction: This post originally stated that Justin Bieber peed on a picture of Bill Clinton. He peed in a mop bucket, then sprayed a photo of Clinton with cleaning liquid while yelling “Fuck Bill Clinton!” We regret the error.”

2. Misquote changed the meaning of the sentence.

A Feb. 4 New York Times correction:

“An article last Wednesday about pop-up dinners described incorrectly the group that Rachel Branson organized to attend a dinner by the chef Omar Tate. It was a group of friends, not her mother and her mother’s friends. The article also rendered incorrectly a quotation by Ms. Branson. She said, “I’m glad we’re here, because there aren’t many other black people here,” not “any other black people here.””

3. The UK Times used the wrong photo with an obituary.

The Feb. 7 correction:

“The obituary of Sir Michael Cummins (Feb 6) was wrongly illustrated with a photograph of Sir Peter Jennings, who preceded him as sergeant at arms. We apologise for the mistake.”

4. The New York Times‘ Feb. 4 correction addressed that major geography question after the Super Bowl: Where is Kansas City?

The correction reads:

“A picture caption with an article on Tuesday about people who confuse Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., exhibited similar confusion. Both pictures of fans cheering the Kansas City Chiefs were from Kansas City, Mo.; the picture of fans in front of a light-filled background was not in Kansas City, Kan. (We were just testing you.)”

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Corrections: Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber’s pee and Bill Clinton, Where is Kansas City?

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