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iMediaEthics’ latest roundup of amusing or noteworthy media corrections:

1.No, don’t pack your bags. Finland doesn’t have a four-day work week.

A Jan. 9 Guardian correction:

” We wrongly reported that Finland’s new prime minister, Sanna Marin, had announced plans to introduce a four-day working week. Last August, before becoming PM, she floated the idea at a panel discussion and spoke favourably about it. But it is not part of the government’s current programme (Is a four-day week the way to happiness?, 7 January, page 2, G2).”

2. One detailed butterfly correction from the Guardian:

The Guardian‘s Jan. 8 correction:

• An image accompanying a news article was captioned as showing “a swallowtail, one of Britain’s rarest butterflies”. Though one swallowtail species, Papilio machaon, is found in parts of Britain, the image showed Papilio demoleus – a lime, lemon or chequered swallowtail – which is not resident in the UK (Cut pesticides and pollution to save world’s insects, experts say, 7 January, page 20).”

3. Australia’s 9 News used the photo of a wrong man with the same name as a man accused of driving offences. Early in January, the network apologized and corrected the mistake. The Jan. 2 correction:

“On Sunday, 17 February 2019, 9News broadcast a report about a truck driver named Adam Christopher Lyall, 48 years old, who was arrested for allegedly committing serious driving offences. Images of a different man, also named Adam Lyall, were inadvertently included in the broadcast. 9News acknowledges that the man depicted in the broadcast was not the individual accused of committing the offences that were the subject of the report. 9News sincerely apologises to the man depicted for the error.”

4. Not romantic holiday?

The UK Sun published an article last year about Love Island’s Marvin Brooks and a “stunning brunette” having a “romantic holiday,” but now it turns out the woman was just his friend and they were not together. The link to the Sun’s July article now goes to an error page. The Sun‘s Jan. 9 clarification:

“On 4 July 2019 we published an article headlined “GAMES MASTER Love Island’s Maura’s being USED by Marvin as he enjoyed a romantic holiday with stunning brunette just weeks before entering the villa” (4 July 2019). We have now been informed that Marvin Brooks and the unnamed woman were just friends and are happy to set the record straight.”

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Corrections: Butterflies, Love Island, Wrong Man, Finland’s Four Day Work Week?

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