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iMediaEthics’ latest roundup of corrections:

1.Who created that drink?

A June 7 Guardian correction:

“• An article credited Mr Aperitif with reinventing a cocktail called the mermaid’s kiss. However, it should have credited a different blogger, the Aperitif Guy (So many cocktails, so little time, 4 July, page 7, G2).”

2. Facts about the Hanging Gardens and Babylon:

A July 7 NPR correction:

“Because of incorrect information provided by the Associated Press, a previous version of the photo caption at the top of this story incorrectly described the structure in the photo as Ishtar Gate, which it is not. An earlier version of this story mistakenly said the ancient site of Babylon features hanging gardens. The existence of hanging gardens at Babylon has not been definitively established. An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Babylon had been listed as an endangered World Heritage site. Babylon was recently added as a World Heritage site, but it’s not on the List of World Heritage in Danger.”

3. Don’t get in Yellowstone’s hot springs!

A June correction from USA Today:

Travel: An earlier version of this photo gallery incorrectly mentioned how Yellowstone National Park visitors could enjoy its hot springs. It is illegal and dangerous to soak in the park’s hot springs.

4. Scottish demonstrators didn’t clash.

A UK Express correction for late June reads:

“On May 05 2019 we published an article headlined “Scottish nationalists clash with pro-Union activists at independence march in Glasgow.

“The claim that ‘Thousands of Scottish Independence activists clashed with pro-Union campaigners..’ was repeated in the introduction. In fact there were no reports of any clashes between the demonstrators. It was inaccurate for the original headline and introduction to make that claim. We have happy to set the record straight.”

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Corrections: Don’t go in Yellowstone’s Hot Springs! Apertifs, Hanging Gardens

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