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iMediaEthics’ latest round-up of amusing or noteworthy errors in the media include a botched recipe, confusion about identification and a misidentified political party.

1. Que sera, sera.

A Jan. 28 NPR correction:

“The initial radio version of this story featured one of the interviewees singing the song ‘Que Sera, Sera.’ She told us she sang that song to keep her spirits up during her imprisonment at Auschwitz. However, the song was first published in 1956. So, to avoid confusion, we removed that section in later broadcasts.”

2. Don’t forget the butter!

The Guardian forgot to include a half-cup of butter in an ingredient list for a recipe. The Jan. 28 Guardian correction:

” A recipe for tropical fig rolls omitted 100g of butter from the ingredients (23 January, page 6, G2).”

3. Mollusks or crustaceans?

A Jan. 28 Guardian correction:

“Cockles are molluscs, not crustaceans as we said (Country diary, 27 January, page 7, Journal).

4. Another common mistake made by news outlets is listing the wrong political party for a politician.

A Jan. 23 NPR correction:

“A caption with a previous version of this story incorrectly identified Sen. Jim Jeffords as an independent in 1999. At the time, he was a Republican. In 2001, he left the party to become an independent.”

A Jan. 7 NPR correction:

“An earlier version of this story said that Luis Parra was a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. In fact, Parra, who had previously been with the centrist Justice First party, became an independent last month.”

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Corrections: Political Party Swaps, Que Sera Sera, Botched Recipe

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