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1. The Scottish Daily Mail claimed a Parliament member took a plane to a climate change debate, suggesting she was hypocritical because of her “concerns for the environment,” the Morning Star reported. But, the paper misunderstood her. She actually took a train.

The Sept. 27 correction:

“An article in yesterday’s Scottish Daily Mail stated that Claudia Beamish MSP flew from Brighton to Edinburgh to take part in a debate on climate change. In fact, Ms Beamish travelled to Edinburh by train. The error occurred because of a misunderstanding over a speech Ms Beaimsh made at a Labour Party conference fringe event in which she criticised the cost of rail travel. We are happy to clarify and apologise for the error.

2. Actor may wear women’s hats but not clothing?

An Oct. 1 New York Times correction:

“A theater entry in the Listings pages on Friday about “Bella, Bella” referred imprecisely to Harvey Fierstein’s performance. He might wear women’s hats in this play about Bella Abzug, but he will not perform fully in women’s clothing.”

3. The Guardian made a typo on an article about someone named Chris making his name Christ! The Oct. 1 correction:

“• A stray T led our obituary of Sir Christopher Dobson to say: “Born in Rinteln, in Lower Saxony, Germany, Christ had his roots in Yorkshire” (1 October, page 8, Journal).”

4. REAL ID: Who has it versus who doesn’t think they have?

An Oct. 2 NPR correction reads:

“In the audio, as in an earlier Web version of this report, we incorrectly say that a study shows three out of four Americans have gotten a REAL ID driver’s license. In fact, the study shows that about three out of four believe they have not gotten a REAL ID license. Also, in the Web version, references to the star that will be on driver’s licenses have been clarified. Most REAL ID driver’s licenses will have such stars. But a handful of states will issue licenses that are REAL ID compliant but do not have stars.

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Corrections: Women’s Hats, Chris or Christ? REAL ID

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