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The Washington Post in 2011 (Credit: Flickr/Daniel X. O'Neil)

Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic high school teenager shown in viral videos and pictures from the Lincoln Memorial in January, is now suing the Washington Post over its news stories about him and his interactions with Native American Nathan Phillips.

In a Feb. 19 news story, the Washington Post reported that Sandmann is suing the Post for $250 million over its coverage, claiming it is part of the Post’s “well-known and easily documented, biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump.” The lawsuit notes that is how much Jeff Bezos paid for the Washington Post in 2013.

Washington Post spokesperson Kris Coratti told iMediaEthics by e-mail: “We are reviewing a copy of the lawsuit and we plan to mount a vigorous defense.” iMediaEthics has written to Sandmann’s attorney Lin Wood to ask if any other outlets will be sued; Wood responded, “The Post is the first to be sued. There will be many others. “

“The Post wrongfully targeted and bullied Nicholas because he was the white, Catholic student wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ souvenir cap on a school field trip to the January 18 March for Life in Washington, D.C. when he was unexpectedly and suddenly confronted by Nathan Phillips (‘Phillips’), a known Native American activist, who beat a drum and sang loudly within inches of his face,” the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit further claims the Post was “targeting and bullying Nicholas” and claimed he was “engaged in acts of racism.”

A copy of the lawsuit is uploaded here.

“The suit was filed by Sandmann’s parents, Ted and Julie, on Nicholas’s behalf in U.S. District Court in Covington,” the Washington Post reported. “It seeks $250 million because Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos paid that amount for the newspaper when he bought it in 2013.”

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Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann suing the Washington Post over Lincoln Memorial incident

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