Fox News Apologizes, Aired 2010 Ron Paul Video with more Boos

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Fox News' Bill Hemmer apologized after Fox News aired a clip of 2010 CPAC as if it were from 2011 CPAC. (Credit: Media Bistro)

Fox News has apologized after airing a 2010 clip of Ron Paul at CPAC instead of a 2011 clip from the same event.  The 2011 clip features “a significantly higher amount of booing from the crowd” than the 2011 clip in which “the cheers and boos seemed much more equal,” according to Mediaite.

The clip was aired on Fox News program America’s Newsroom.

Fox News’ news senior vice president, Michael Clemente, stated to Mediaite: “We made a mistake with some of the video we aired, and plan on issuing a correction on America’s Newsroom tomorrow morning explaining exactly what happened.”

Yahoo News explained the controversy:  “Paul supporters have claimed that Fox News—which some might expect to promote an establishment Republican over the anti-establishment Paul—intentionally aired the wrong footage to place Paul in a negative light against runner-up Mitt Romney.”

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer apologized, saying “It was clearly a mistake, we used the wrong videotape.  It’s an honest mistake. We apologize for the error. We look forward to having representative Paul back on our program very soon.”

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Fox News Apologizes, Aired 2010 Ron Paul Video with more Boos

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