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Fox News host Katie Pavlich gave an on-air correction Dec. 27 for saying the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. editing out Pres. Donald Trump’s appearance in Home Alone 2 was “censorship.”

The CBC told the BBC that the network edited out eight minutes of the movie for advertising space back in 2014, but news of the movie being edited went viral this month.

Pavlich said, according to the Daily Beast, “I have to issue a correction. Because apparently this edit happened in 2014. I was saying it would have been censorship if they did it now. Because it would have been political. But it happened before he was president. So I apologize for that. However, it is still stupid.”

A Fox News spokesperson pointed iMediaEthics to the correction.

During Howard Kurtz’s show, Mediaite reported, Ed Henry also apologized. Sort of. That is, he said he was sorry if his comments on the matter were wrong (they were). He also noted, “Frankly, who cares, let’s get on with the nation’s business. I engaged in something about that that was silly too, I guess I was being frivolous. I apologize.”

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Fox News host: Home Alone 2 edits of Trump not censorship but ‘still stupid’

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