Jewish News claimed Baronessa Sayeeda Warsi sought to excuse ISIS

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(Credit: Jewish News)

British politician Baroness Sayeeda Warsi got an apology after the Jewish News claimed she “sought to excuse” ISIS terrorism. Jewish News identifies itself as “Britain’s biggest Jewish newspaper.”

The claims, made in an April 6 column by writer and retired British Army member Col. Richard Kemp, were false, and now Jewish News is apologizing and paying her “substantial damages.”

Jewish News wrote in an  apology, “We wish to make absolutely clear that these allegations were wholly untrue and should never have been published. Baroness Warsi is utterly appalled by the actions of ISIS and all terror groups (indeed, she is widely reported to be on an ISIS death list herself) and has never said anything to remotely suggest otherwise. She also believes that ISIS fighters returning to the UK should face the full force of British law.”

Warsi tweeted in response to the apology, writing, “finally received full apology @JewishNewsUK 7 months after the publication of offensive article by @ColRichardKemp.”

iMediaEthics has written to Jewish News and Warsi to ask if Warsi had filed suit against the newspaper. A spokesperson for Warsi pointed to the apology and declined to comment further at this time.

We’ve also contacted Col. Kemp to ask if he will apologize as well.

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Jewish News claimed Baronessa Sayeeda Warsi ‘sought to excuse’ ISIS terrorism

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