58 Shocking Hoax Names, Journos Beware

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This baby is just shocked at these names (not really he hopefully has never heard any of them) (Photo Credit: Shocked Face by Chris Enns on Flickr)

Media outlets have been tricked by hoax names this month: San Francisco’s KTVU wrongly reported on the fake names of the crashed Asiana Flight 214’s flight crew Captain Sum Ting  Wong and Wi Tu Lo; and a Howie Felterbush fooled Florida news outlets with his comments on George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

iMediaEthics has compiled a list of names that journalists should question if ever given to them by a source. The names were invented by the author, remembered from movies and childhood, and found around the Internet.

A good rule of thumb is to say the name out loud and see if it sounds like something naughty, vulgar or irreverent to a twelve year old. And, as with all things in journalism, verify the information before going with it.

Be forewarned. Some people may actually have these names. It is up to you to fact check. This is by no means a complete list; there are many others out there.

  1. Harry Azcrac
  2. Pat Maweini
  3. Craven Moorehead
  4. Anyone with the last name Cutzurnutzov
  5. Stu Pitassoe
  6. Ava Gina
  7. Phil McCrakin
  8. Stacy Rect
  9. Ben Dover or his sister Eileen
  10. Bess T. Ality
  11. Connie Lingus
  12. Fonda Dix
  13. Clint Torris
  14. Dick Hertz
  15. Willie Fisterbottom
  16. Yandeeda Horgasim
  17. Maya Normusbutt
  18. Mike Hawk
  19. Mike Hunt
  20. Mike Rotch
  21. Ivana Humpalot
  22. Jack Hoff
  23. Jack Meoff
  24. Jack Schitt or his half brother Brick Schitt-Hause
  25. Jay L. Bate
  26. Dixie Normous
  27. Drew P. Weiner
  28. E. Jack Ulate
  29. Emma Royd
  30. Buster Hyman
  31. Eric Shun
  32. Ophelia Tiittsup
  33. Fawn Delmee
  34. Oliver Klozoff
  35. Harry Balzac
  36. Monica Blewbilski
  37. Liz Bien
  38. Felix Cited
  39. Harry Ahrmpitt
  40. Hu Yu Fa King
  41. Hugh G. Rection
  42. Hugh Jass
  43. Hugo Shuvitt
  44. Etta Peenes
  45. Iam Pistov
  46. Long Wang
  47. Iva Biggun
  48. Pat McGroin
  49. Phil Asheeo
  50. Suk Mi Dik
  51. Wayne King (in the UK at least)
  52. Mia Butreeks
  53. Moe Lester
  54. Jenny Tayla
  55. Jon Ahrea
  56. Kimmy Hed
  57. Watson Herbusch
  58. Alotta Fagina

Do you have any others good ones? Can’t figure out what the name sounds like? Let us know.

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58 Shocking Hoax Names, Journos Beware

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