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Arianna Huffington in 2011 (Credit: Wikipedia/David Shankbone )

Arianna Huffington is resigning as editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, she announced today.

Earlier this year, Huffington made things tougher on staff when she joined the board of directors for transportation app Uber. As a result, Huffington Post writers had to tack on a disclosure to any stories related to Uber or any of its competitors. iMediaEthics has asked Huffington Post if it will continue to include this disclosure in the post-Huffington era.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said in a memo, published by the Huffington Post, that “We have formed an interim editorial committee (Ryan Grim, Liz Heron, Katie Nelson, Kate Palmer, and Whitney Snyder) that will be stepping in to fill Arianna’s role and they will be involved in an ongoing search for a new Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post.”

Huffington is leaving now to focus on her startup, Thrive Global, which is devoted to health and wellness. Huffington announced that startup in June.

“I am launching a new startup to focus on the messages in Thrive and The Sleep Revolution, but it is not a media venture,” Huffington said in a June memo published by CNBC. “The goal will be to provide workshops, e-courses and certification programs to companies around the world. The workshops will be tailored for businesses to drive organizational success, built on the latest scientific findings which prove that the health and well-being of employees and the health of the bottom line are strongly connected.”



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Arianna Huffington Steps Down as Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief

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One Response

  1. Rebecca Hult says:

    I appreciated seeing Sean Hannity’s perspectives on Trump as it seemed to balance the overwhelming bias of all the other news channels out there-until our media learns to report fairly again I feel we may continue to need people like Sean Hannity. If the media and pollsters did not understand the election results it is because they are myopically focused on one segment of the population ‘s view point and continue in pushing the political agendas of certain politicians. I get frustrated with “credible” news sources trying to ram their very one sided editorialized news reporting down my throat and calling it fair and unbiased. Instead like Fox News they should at least own up to their very left leaning positions. I am grateful for our first ammendment right of free speech and press. The American public believe it or not can see through a lot of this. I grew very tired of the repetitive sound bite reporting that seemed to only focus on tweets and scandal and very biased against one candidate -are you reporting on all of those news sources as well? It is an insult to our intelligence. I am smart enough to understand that Hannity’s show is a commentary and not entirely a news broadcast . As an educated person who likes to make decisions on facts and hearing both sides, I seek out and appreciate a different perspective. Just because Sean went against the grain of everyone else’s reporting and a willingness to present another side that does not make him wrong, in my opinion it makes him a better journalist than most.

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